⭐Celebrate 20 years of pin collecting in special online event⭐

⭐Celebrate 20 years of pin collecting in special online event⭐…Disney is holding a special virtual pin trading event this year with the promise of exclusive pins, exciting panels, giveaways and much much more.…Registration is available from October 7th at 8am ET. The link is below.https://bit.ly/3jNIMnr…Event runs from Nov 13-14 with new releases throughout the event…It […]

⭐Ranking Epcot World Showcases opening day Pavillions⭐

⭐Ranking Epcot World Showcases opening day Pavillions⭐…Back when Epcot opened in 1982 world showcase opened with 9 of it’s current 11 lands. Each ine designed to sweep you away from Epcot and America and into each country. Over the years we have eaten at them all, visited every shop and attraction. So I think we […]

⭐Christmas comes to shopdisney!⭐

⭐Christmas comes to shopdisney!⭐…The Christmas shop is open at shopdisney.co.uk with over 100 items to explore. Of course there are many new releases for 2020 including the toy train  christmas plates, stockings and sacks, nightwear, ears and of course all the hanging decorations you would ever need!…We have posted a sneak peak of what’s on […]