⭐Disney Wish Launch Delayed⭐

Did you have a Disney Cruise booked this year?…⭐Disney Wish Launch Delayed⭐…We can report two pretty big implications to the immediate future of Disney Cruise line. While not surprising at least we now have an idea of what’s going on.…⭐Disney Dream Delayed⭐Due for launch in 2021 with trips starting 2022. This has now been delayed […]


⭐Park opening hours to change again in November⭐

Will you be heading to Disney World this Fall?…⭐Park opening hours to change again in November⭐…Once again park hours are being adjusted. We still await news on Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. Changes will coincide Christmas celebrations in the parks. here’s what they’ll change to and when……Magic Kingdom 9am-7pm from Nov 6Epcot 12pm-8pm from Nov […]