Andy – Senior Explorer/Storm Trooper

Hi Explorer, thanks for coming along.

Castle of Mouse Explorers aka @comexplorers is your number one destination for all things Disney, Star Wars, Marvel. Including Movies, Streaming, Parks, Resorts, Shops, Merch and more. Here’s what you can expect to see throughout the site and across our social media platforms.

  • Daily news posts covering all the latest announcements coming out of Disney.
  • Daily features. These can cover anything from movie trivia and easter eggs to show reviews to Park tips and Resort tricks. We’ll show you what merch is good plus a ton of original content.
  • As well as our original features you will find a ton of content, from movie theories, to disney food comparisons. Hidden mickey trails to custom quizzes.
  • It doesn’t end there, we are focused on giving you a full experience of all things Disney like nowhere else, so we will also feature guest interviews with Disney guests, cast members, crew and more. These are not to be missed so keep an eye out for them.
  • We also feature heavily across social media so do check out our posts and get involved in the conversation.


  • Much of our content is original and created solely by ourselves.
  • For news items we have found we will always quote the source where possible.
  • All of our images are either photographs we have taken ourselves, free for reuse images and where necessary the source has been linked and referenced.
  • We have a lot of fun here but also take our sources very seriously and will always fairly use and credit any sources. Of course you will also find a TON of content that is purely ours.
  • Any reviews will be fair and honest. If we think a film is great, we’ll say so. If we think a restaurant meal is poor, we’ll say so. We want to give you a completely positive experience but will always stick to our integrity and post honestly.
  • We currently do have google ads on the site these throw us back a few cents, this goes towards the costs of the site.
  • We do welcome affiliates and sponsors however we will never accept payment to sway one way or another when writing an article. Our opinion will always stay true.
  • If you have any questions about any of the content on our site then please get in touch.