⭐Ranking Epcot World Showcases opening day Pavillions⭐

⭐Ranking Epcot World Showcases opening day Pavillions⭐

Back when Epcot opened in 1982 world showcase opened with 9 of it’s current 11 lands. Each ine designed to sweep you away from Epcot and America and into each country. Over the years we have eaten at them all, visited every shop and attraction. So I think we are good judges to rank our favourite of the original 9. (Morroco and Norway came later)

So let’s jump straight into it. We are ranking these on a whole, counting restaurant quality, scenery, shops and other attractions.

⭐9⭐ UK
Maybe it’s because we are from the UK but it is very meh. Gardens are nice, fish and chips are ok. But other than that there is little here to make us want to stick around.

⭐8 ⭐America
Best spot to get a shot of Space ship earth. We enjoy the music performances here. Food is ok however the pavillion doesn’t extend back much. Really gets outshined by the other lands here.

⭐7⭐ France
This is a tough one,  the Scenary is beautiful, bakery is one of the nicest spots in all of Epcot but it’s two main restaurants let it down. Food is over priced, not bad bad similar items are better elsewhere. With the expansion and Ratatouille ride coming however this may jump up our list.

⭐6⭐ Italy
Scenary is spectacular here. It has two Italian restaurants back to back which are ok food wise but not amazing either. This Pavillion gets our votes purley based on it’s views.

⭐5⭐ Germany
The miniature train village is cute to watch, we also love the toffee shop/bakery and the buffet restaurant provides alot of real nice food, especially if you love sausage.

⭐4⭐ China
You may catch a Mulan meet and greet or watch the acrobats. Check out some real good chinese food at 9 dragons or it’s counter service location. The store is full of fun trinkets, you may even spot Shanghai Disney merch here.

⭐3⭐ Japan
It now has 3 really nice restaurants, our favourite is Teppan Edo where the chefs cook infront of you. The massive japan shop keeps yoy occupied for ages and just the massive temple structure are breathtaking. Peaceful, and elegant.

⭐2 ⭐Mexico
2 really good restaurants, an intimate shopping bazaar inside the mighty pyramid and of course the boat ride with the Three Caballeros! Plus a Donald meet and greet. There is so much going in here, much of it inside the air con pyramid.

⭐1⭐ Canada
This has the finest steakhouse in a Disney park with Le Cellier, the Oh Canada attraction, beautiful scenery including an amazing waterfall and just amazing popcorn. It all comes together to make a breathtaking land and our personal favourite.

In all fairness, while writing this list we must have changed it half a dozen times. We would definitley put UK and USA at the bottom but the others are interchangeable. Where some may lack in food the views are amazing, or a lack of attractions may mean real good food.

Do you agree with our list? Which is your favourite? Let us know below.

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