⭐10 Questions with an MCU Alumni⭐

⭐10 Questions with an MCU Extra⭐

The joy of our line of work is that we get to meet and chat to a wide variety of people. Just the other day we did a feature on the upcoming WandaVision series on Disney+ when a lovely lady contacted us to say “I was in that!” You know us by now, we just had to talk with her. So below are 10 questions with Heather AKA @heatherltd on her career as an extra! We are super excited for this one and hope you love it too.

⭐1⭐How did you get into acting?

I started out doing background/as an extra about 9 years ago. I decided the paychecks looked a lot more appealing that actors/actresses were receiving so I decided to pursue that. I also did a lot of stand in work, took some acting classes, got professional headshots, ended up getting an agent, booking some commercials, and going from there.😉

⭐2⭐ Where do you find the parts you go for?

I live near Atlanta Georgia and it has been dubbed the “Hollywood” of the South.
The film industry is booming here so I have hooked up with a lot of casting companies and as I said before,  I used to have an agent.
Several years ago one of my 3 children started having a lot of health issues so I had to take a step back from acting , but I still enjoy doing background or modeling  jobs that look like fun. If there is a certain actor/actress that I want  to work with then I’ll submit for a job.🙌🏻

⭐3⭐ What work have you done for Disney/Marvel/Star Wars etc..?

Captain America
The Odd Life of Timothy Green (my very 1st film to work on)
Tag Team

⭐4⭐ What is it like being on a working set?

I love it! I am a mom who works part time from home with three kids. It’s always such a fun escape and the food is the best! You never know what you are going to get each and every day and every day is so different. I have so many wonderful memories and have met so many cool people being a part of the film industry.💛

⭐5⭐Have you ever interacted with any of the big names?

Yes! I have been a Stand-In for Susan Sarandon, Meryl Streep, Dakota Fanning & many more actresses. I have worked with amazing directors such as Tommy Lee Jones (He was so considerate & kind!) & Clint Eastwood. Just in case you are not familiar with what a stand in does….
This person substitutes or doubles for the actor before filming for technical purposes such as lighting and camera set up, etc. Stand-ins do not appear on camera, but basically goes through the actions in the scene that the actor will be doing so that the cameras and lighting can get everything set up before the actor comes in to shoot. Sometimes this can take up to an hour to turn the cameras around and adjust the lighting, etc. I love standing in, u get more up close and personal with the talent…whereas as an extra you really don’t get any personal interaction with actors. 😊

⭐6⭐ What are the big do’s and dont’s for extras?
Treat it like you would any other job. Be professional, be on time, do not try to approach actors or actresses, ask for autographs, etc. Basically just obey the rules and do what you are getting paid to do👌🏻

⭐7⭐ What backstage secrets can you share (obviously no spoilers)?

Hmmmm well I’m in a film that came out today, Greenland, with Gerard Butler. Last year I got to work on a 3 day scene with Chris Pratt, he truly is just as funny and entertaining in person as he’s appears to be in most of his films. This movie has not yet come out.  I can’t really say much about anything I have worked on unless it has already come out, these days we have to sign contracts saying we won’t even post that we were even on a set of something while it is still shooting. These things are about to come out so that’s only reason I’m able to discuss them.

⭐8⭐ What’s the best experience you’ve had on set?

I really have many wonderful memories from being on so many sets these past nine years. I have worked on over 30 film and television shows.  I worked on The Walking Dead with my son and watched my husband get to be a hero zombie.  I actually watched him get killed twice on that. LOL just getting able to be a part of some thing that brings people entertainment and meeting so many different actors, directors, and others from many walks of life definitely spice things up for this mom of three.🙌🏻😉🙌🏻

⭐9⭐ What films/shows/roles would you still like to take on?

That’s hard to say. I really love comedy and improv. But you never know what is around the corner or on the horizon in this business.😀

⭐10⭐What advice would you give to folks wanting to do what you do?

Definitely investing in professional head shots and honing your craft by taking acting classes, etc. This is a very hard business to get into, especially the acting portion, and it is very competitive. U Have to be able to handle rejection well and thick skin. The pay is great though and being able to get residual checks from some of my jobs has been such a blessing as well!

Thank you so much for letting me share my love of this business with you and your followers!😁

It had been our absolute pleasure, what a thrill it has been for us to do this interview. Incredibly eye opening and hopefully inspiring for any of our readers/followers who want to get into acting. Thank you again.

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