⭐Have you ever been on a ride in a volcano?⭐

⭐Have you ever been on a ride in a volcano?⭐

Journey to the Centre of the Earth is a dark ride located at Tokyo DisneySea and opened with the park 19 years ago. It’s housed within the parks central icon. Mount Prometheus!

The ride itself was made by the creators of iconic rides such as Soarin, Test Track and Radiator Springs Racers. And it’s the test track technology that runs the ride. It packs so many familiar elements from the ride vehicle (although cased an a volcano explorer shell) it features a few different scenes where you will find sharp turns and sudden stops. As you go through some amazing scenes (more on that below). The big finale sees you fired through and finally out the volcano at high speed, just the same as Test Track and Springs although it only hits 47mph.

It differs from its cousins however based on it’s theatrics and scenery. The detail is phenominal and you are fully immersed in this fantasy world. Each scene is beautiful  from glowing crytals to the Mushroom Forest which is especially stunning. The lava monster is the big bad animatronic of the ride before you make your escape. For our money we prefer this ride over it’s two cousin’s because it doesn’t focus on the ride vehicle/racing part of the mechanics but focuses on story instead. Making it alot more immersive.

If you ever get to Tokyo DisneySea, this has to be on your list. For us it’s one of those iconic park rides like Thunder Mountain Railroad of Expedition Everest.

Have you ridden this before? Are you a fan of similar rides like Test Track and Radiator Springs Racers? Let us know below.

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