⭐Our favourite of the 7 lands at DisneySea⭐

⭐Our favourite of the 7 lands at DisneySea⭐

DisneySea celebrates 19 years of magic this month and it ranks very highly in our list of favourite parks. When they wantes a second park Disney suggested a park like Epcot but The Oriental Land Company who run the park wanted something totally unique thus becoming DisneySea. The first Disney park built among islands as if out at sea. It really is beautiful and should be high on the bucket list. With 7 amazing lands there is no shortage of attractions. Here we are going to rank the lands based on the attractions they hold. Let’s jump right into it.

⭐7⭐Lost River Delta
Is an an Aztec land with ruins of a pyramid. Within you’ll find Indiana Jones Temple of the Crystal Skull. A dark motion ride very similar to Disneylands version. As well as a single inversion rollercoaster called Raging Spirits. And bares similarities to the Indiana Jones ride in Disneyland Paris.

⭐6⭐Port Discovery
Homes Aquatopia a hovercraft boat ride and the first trackless system (like Ratatouille) to be used with water! It is also the location for Nemo and Friends SeaRider a simulator based on the Nemo and Dory films mixing scenes from both. It’s alot similar to Star Tours in its experience. You’ll also find overhead the Electric Railway heading to the American Waterfront.

⭐5⭐ Mysterious Island
Is home to the parks icon Mount Prometheus. A huge volcano which periodically blasts fire balls into the sky. Within it you’ll find it’s main ride. Journey to the Centre of the Earth. A test track style ride racing through the volcano. A dark ride similar simialr to the Submarine Voyage in Disneyland.

⭐4⭐Mediterranean Harbor
This will be the biggest change for those used to a main street, here you’ll find a V shaped harbour leading off to the other lands. Instead of trolleys are gondalas. It’s biggest feature is Hotel MiraCosta with breathtaking views. The land features Soarin which US visitors will be very familiar with. As well as the Gondalas you’ll find steamboats travelling along the waters, except when shows are running on the water.

⭐3⭐ American Waterfront.
Imagine Hollywood Studios but on water. The SS Columbia houses shows in the land but the big attraction here is the parks version of Tower of Terror. Oddly enough you’ll find Turtle Talk here also similar to the Epcot attraction plus Toy Story Mania. This land will probably be the most familiar to American visitors.

⭐2⭐ Arabian Coast
So hard not to put this first with our love of Aladdin. It is home to it’s on theatre a live show/3D movie magic show featuring genie. Rides include Sinbads Storybook Voyage, a dark boat ride with music by Alan Menken. The super unique double decker carousel! And Jasmine’s Flying Carpets almost identical to Carpets of Aladdin in Magic Kingdom.

⭐1⭐Mermaid Lagoon
This has to be our favourite land, the main feature being King Tritons epic castle. The land is filled with attractions such as Flounder Flying Fish Coaster, Scuttles Scooters, and more. We did a full feature on the rides in land recently. The castle also houses King Tritons Concert. A live show of the Little Mermaid with actors,  animatronics and puppets. The entire land is visually stunning and by far our favourite location.

DisneySea is truly stunning and unlike any Disney experience you have had before. Packed full of attractions and spectacles.

Have you been here before? Is it on your bucket list? Let us know below.

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