⭐6 Themed Rooms You Must Stay At On Your Next Disney World Trip⭐

⭐6 Themed Rooms You Must Stay At On Your Next Disney World Trip⭐

We have stayed in Disney World so many times at this point, every hotel has varying rooms. Some more spacious and comfortable than others. But if you want to go next level and want more than the standard room decor or you have kiddo’s coming to Disney. There are character/movie themed rooms located right now at 3 resorts on property. They add another level of enjoyment to your trip and we’re going to break them down right now.

⭐Port Orleans Riverside – Royal Guest Room⭐
We stayed here a couple years ago and the room was beautiful. It’s mostly Aladdin themed but also heavily influenced by Tiana. When entering the room the first thing you see are the backdrops behind the bed. Beautiful paintings with…working firework lights, these look amazing at night time! The twin queen beds are very comfortable, they do give you plenty of room. You’ll even find Aladdins carpet on the floor. The room is very grand with lots of drapes, dark wood and princesses dotted around everywhere in pictures on the walls. Oh and one last treat is the Genie lamp taps in the bathroom. This is our favourite room on this list they did it beautifully. This room is perfect for any prince or princess…no matter the age.

⭐Caribbean Beach – Pirate Room⭐
You can’t have a Carribean hotel without paying tribute to the pirates right? Now I bet as an adult you didn’t think you’d get to sleep in a pirate ship bed! Well here you can. Both double beds are inside pirate ships, they are super, super cool. The size and layout is very similar to the Royal rooms above. The pirate theme includes Worlds End map on the carpet. Barrel side tables, wooden crates below the tv. Pirate fans will love this room and we cannot emphasise more…you sleep in a pirate ship!!!

⭐Art of Animation – Little Mermaid Room ⭐ ⭐Art of AnimationLion King Suite⭐
⭐Art of Animation Cars Suite⭐
⭐Art of Animation Finding Nemo Suite⭐
So here you can stay at one hotel but get 4 room options. The smallest of which is the Little Mermaid room. Where you’ll find 2 double/1 king bed. The smallest room on this list. It’s very blue and the theming is more subtle. You’ll find plenty of shells on the walls, headboards, chairs. Your little mermaids will love this room, if not there are more options in resort.

The rest of the rooms here are suites. They all come with a queen bed, a table that turns into a pull out double bed and a double sofa bed. So the room can sleep 6. Although once all the beds are out it does feel a bit crowded. Again the theming is subtle With just enough to distinguish each room, plus if you ask for a courtyard room you’ll see the characters the room is themed after.

There we have it 6 rooms where you can get further immersed in your favourite movies. The Royal and Pirate rooms by far stand out. They have gone above and beyond with details and we highly reccomend a stay on your next visit.

Have you stayed at one of these before? If not which would you want to stay in? Let us know in the comments.

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