⭐Daily Promotion with @mypixiedustuk ⭐

⭐Daily Promotion with @mypixiedustuk ⭐

Ok, we are super excited about this promo…like, we want one!. There is nothing more exciting than opening a box of goodies and boy do the folks at mypixiedust.co uk deliver.

When you sign up for a box you get 4-7 items each month. And not rubbish either! This is quality Disney merch at a cost of just £30 a month. This is an incredible idea for Disney fans, for birthdays, Christmas etc… We can see this being an INSANELY big business and will follow their growth closely.

Check out @mypixiedustuk for all their past collections and news of when they release new ones.

What would you want to find in your box? Let us know below.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐
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