⭐Which Park has the best Instagram/Photo Walls?⭐

How many Walls have you visited?

⭐Which Park has the best Instagram/Photo Walls?⭐

Before we delve into our pick for the best place to head to get your photo fix, we have a confession. As recently as a year ago, we never knew these walls were such a big deal, let alone had a social media following. We have been going to Disney every year for 10 years+. We knew the walls where there of course. Never figured their popularity. I mean seriously, we love these walls, we can list exactly where they are from our years of seeing them. So we appreciated them long before we found out about their following. But lets be honest, yes we will list the most recognised walls. But really they are everywhere, finding less known ones is all part of the adventure. Next time you are in the parks have a good look around, you’ll find plenty of quality spots for a pose.

Which park has the best walls? Here’s our picks and the walls you will find. Agree, disagree? We can’t wait to hear your response in the comments.

⭐4⭐Animal Kingdom
4th place was tough, here you could technically call just about any wall an IG wall. There are so many photo oppourtunities. However it does have the least number of “official” picture walls. So while it’s low in this list, it would top a list of most photogenic park for sure! Here’s some walls you can visit

⭐Moss Wall near Satu’li Canteen
⭐Mickey Wall/You are most beautiful Wall Harambe Marketplace
⭐Dinoland Wall

⭐3⭐Hollywood Studios
We put HS here purely because they didn’t really get imaginative with walls before Toy Story Land and the Incredibles Experience arrived as all the good walls are found here. However they are very awesome walls.

⭐Block Wall, Checkerboard Wall, Popsicle Wall, Andy Wall in Toy Story Land.
⭐Incredibles Experience Wall, Jack Jack Wall
⭐Muppet Wall in Muppets Courtyard

⭐2⭐Magic Kingdom
How often does MK come 2nd? We could get some stick for this. The walls here are iconic for sure and only miss out on the top spot as there are less here than the number 1 spot. For our money if we just did a list ranking all walls. The most iconic wall is here…and it’s purple.

⭐Purple Wall near Monsters Inc Laugh Floor
⭐Blue Wall near Space Ranger Spin
⭐Carousel of Progress Wall
⭐Candy Stripe Wall Main Street Bakery

We have no problem giving the top spot to Epcot…there are so MANY walls here. The clean futuristic feel leaves alot of hard surfaces clear of obstructions cleverly beautifully painted so that they stand out. If you have one day pass and want to hit as many walls as possible this is the park to do it.

⭐Bubble Gum Wall/Blueberry Wall Spaceship Earth Exit
⭐Rose Gold Wall Mission Space
⭐Guardians of the Galaxy Construction Wall
⭐Toothpaste Wall at Seas with Nemo
⭐The Land Wall at The Land Pavillion

Another top tip is to keep an eye out for character meet and greet walls. Sometimes when they aren’t being used they are roped off, sometimes not. These are superb walls to get a pic.

How many of the above walls have you had a picture at? Which is your favourite? Let us know below.

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