⭐Ranking the rides within Mermaid Lagoon.⭐

Have you ever been to Tokyo DisneySea?

⭐Ranking the rides within Mermaid Lagoon.⭐

You’ll find these  within the stunning Mermaid Lagoon area of the park. Where it opened 19 years ago this month! You’ll find them all close together and you shouldn’t have much trouble getting on them all. Here’s our order from least to most favorite.

⭐6⭐Ariels Playground is an indoor playarea/scavenger hunt. Kids will love being surrounded by Ariels collection of treasures.

⭐5⭐The Whirpool are tea cups are alot like this ride that sees you among cups spinning to the sounds of the Little Mermaid

⭐4⭐In Blowing Balloon race you will find yourself in a gondola, raised up as the ride spins around. This ride isn’t dissimilar to Dumbo’s.

⭐3⭐You’ll also find Scuttles Scooters which is a Caterpillar ride alot like Slinky Dog Zigzag Spin in other parks. Again another low intensity ride.

⭐2⭐Probably the biggest thrill is from Jumpin Jellyfish which is alot like the Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop also found in other parks. Kids do need to be 130cm tall to ride but it is alot of fun and our favourite ride in this area.

⭐1⭐Flounders Flyin Fish Coaster. The ride is extremely family friendly. There aren’t any major drops, kids 90cm and up can ride and it’s a great “starter” coaster for new riders. We’d say for Disney World visitors it is most like Goofy’s Barnstormer. And even then Goofy’s has one bigger drop. The ride is atop a steel frame so you can get some really good views of everything below. It’s the only rollercoaster in the land and probably the most popular ride here.

Have you riden any of these? What’s your favourite Little Mermaid attraction from other parks? Let us know below.

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