⭐The 14 Best Halloween Treat Locations Right Now in Disney World⭐

Is it too early for Halloween snacks?

⭐The 14 Best Halloween Treat Locations Right Now in Disney World⭐

As you probably know already, Disney World have rolled out most of their Halloween treats. (A few more will come on Halloween Day). Now with so much available it can be tricky to decide where to go first? Well we’ve created this handy guide for you. Ranking the best treat locations from around the parks based on what we’ve heard from our team and feedback from our followers. We will be tackling all the food items including floats/milkshakes but not other beverages or novelty buckets/straws etc…

Taste buds tingling? Let’s go!

⭐14⭐Auntie Gravity’s(MK)|Pumpkin Spice Milkshake| Whipped cream, caramel, sprinkles
(Also Pumpkin Soft Serve)

⭐13⭐Rosie’s Cafe(HS)|Pumpkin Tiramisu|Layerd cream mascarpone and spiced pumpkin cake

⭐12⭐PizzeRizzo(HS)|Pumpkin Cheesecake Cannoli|Pumpkin cheesecake, hazelnut praline crunch in a cannoli shell

⭐11⭐Sleepy Hollow(MK)|Pumpkin Spice Waffle Sundae

⭐10⭐Trolley Car Cafe(HS)|Poison Candied Apple|Apple and caramel mousse,red glaze,crunchy candy base

⭐9⭐Storybook Treats(MK)|Poor Unfortunate Souls Float|Cream cheese soft serve, black rasberry syrup, coke

⭐8⭐Sunshine Tree Terrace(MK)|Headless Horsemen Ride Again|Strawberry Dole Whip with Strawberry Fanta Float

⭐7⭐Main Street Bakery(MK)|Mickey Cinamon Roll|with orange and white icing

⭐6⭐Backlot Express(HS)|Box of Bones Chocolate Éclair|Chocolate éclair, dark chocolate mousse and white chocolate bones

⭐5⭐Pinnochio Village House(MK)|Not So Poison Apple Cupcake|Spiced apple shaped cupcake with pecan crunch buttercream

⭐4⭐Creature Comforts(AK)|Scar Cupcake|Red velvet cupcake,toasted marshmallow filling, chocolate marshmallow frosting, chocolate pebbles, white chocolate flames,edible icing image .

⭐3⭐Pecos Bill(MK)|Hades Nachos (MK-Pecos Bill|Black bean nachos, buffalo chicken, lettuce, tomato, jalapenos, salsa, sour cream (Also available|Cinnamon Donuts|Orange and Black Sugar Churros)

⭐2⭐Liberty Square Market(MK)|Constances Better or Worse Wedding Cake|Citrus cake, rasberry cream, white fondant, chocolate axe

⭐1⭐Cosmic Rays(MK)|Mickey’s Monster Mash Burger|with Meunster Cheese, Potato Barrels, Bacon, Srirachs aioli

There we have it. In our humble opinion if you want Halloween Treat Nirvana, head to Magic Kingdom. They have a huge variety. After that Hollywood Studios has a few more treats but we would still pick Animal Kingdom because that single Scar cupcake looks amazing.

Do you agree with our ranking? Tell us in the comments.

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