⭐New release on Thursday plus October first look⭐

Do you collect the Minnie Castle Collection?

⭐New release on Thursday plus October first look⭐

8am Thursday the Big Thunder Mountain Edition of Minnies collection drops with the usual Plush, Mini Backpack, Ears, Pins and Mug. Things like the Bag, Ears and Pins sell out almost immediately so get on just before 8am and do your best. Keep refreshing the page, checking the home page and the actually page for the Minnie Mouse Collection too, sometimes it pops up in different places.

Then on 18th October Disney goes full Halloween with the Haunted Mansion Collection, specifically Madame Leota themed. She really is appearing everywhere this season. The collection will feature the same items except for the Bum bag/Fanny pack replacing the Backpack. We are super excited for this collection it is probably our favourite design yet!

Will you be getting anything Thursday? Which collection do you like best? Let us know below.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐
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