⭐10 Questions with a former Disney Cast Member⭐

Are you ready to go behind the scenes at Disney World?

⭐10 Questions with a former Disney Cast Member⭐

We’re thrilled to be sitting down with Sam to chat about how he got to working at Disney, right through his experiences and tidbits to advice for any future cast members out there. Let’s jump right in…

⭐1⭐Where did you work during your time at Disney?
SAM: I started out doing the Disney College Program at the Liberty Inn which recently became the Regal Eagle Smokehouse in Epcot’s American Adventure Pavilion. Then during my second College Program I got assigned to work quick service at Be Our Guest in Magic Kingdom

⭐2⭐How did you go about finding the position?

SAM: I had some friends who had done the college program before me and they highly recommended it. So I applied and was fortunate enough to be accepted to it twice

⭐3⭐What kind of training do you go through?

SAM: I had to go through cash register training, since I served alcohol I had to be trained to spit fake ids, food prep and handling, kitchen maintenance and cooking

⭐4⭐What Cast member rules do you remember?

SAM: The pointing with two fingers or a whole hand is forever ingrained in my mind

⭐5⭐What was the best part of the role?

SAM: I just loved the guest interaction. When I wasn’t working in the parks I could be found pin trading and have a pretty good collection building. It got to a point where when I would be pin trading with guests while working that I could tell them which hidden mickey set it was a part of, what year it came out and if it was originally from WDW or WDL

⭐6⭐What backstage tidbits can you share?

SAM: I don’t remember to many specific backstage tidbits but I have a distinct memory of sitting down in the brake room during Festival of the Holidays and having Cal Ripken Jr sit down with me and wish me a Merry Christmas

⭐7⭐What is your happiest memory from your time at Disney?

SAM: I think my happiest memory of working at Disney would be all the friends I made. I still keep in contact with my roommates and had a great chance to learn about their homes be it another state in the USA or somewhere international

⭐8⭐What was it like working through special events (food and wine, halloween etc…)?

SAM: Weekends during Food and Wine and Festival of the Holidays were insane. Some day busier than others depending on who was playing the Eat to the Beat concert series or who was hosting the Candlelight Processional. I also while working at MK got to do a treat shift for Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party. I’m a huge fan of spooky season so getting to see the absolute sea of humanity in MK in Halloween costumes was awesome.

⭐9⭐ Where else in Disney parks would you have liked to work?

SAM: It’s going to sound weird but my two dream locations would either be front desk at The Contemporary resort or hanging out with the birds in The Enchanted  Tiki Room.

⭐10⭐ What advice do you have for anyone wanting to pursue a job at Disney?

SAM: I think my main piece of advice would be that if you’ve ever wanted to work for Disney even if you’re nervous or scared that you should just go for it. Send in that application and hope for the best. Just imagine how much magic you could create for someone.

“Just imagine how much magic you could create for someone.” That’s what it’s all about Sam. Hopefully we’ve created some magic for the folks reading this. Thanks again Sam and folks if you want to see and hear more from Sam. He has a sweet account at @kaijurealness go check it out. And be sure to check back with us soon. We have more exclusive interviews coming your way.

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