⭐5 differences to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad around the world⭐

Where have you ridden Big Thunder Mountain Railroad before?

⭐5 differences to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad around the world⭐

One of our favourite Disney Rides. The original turns 41 while the Magic Kingdom verison is 40 this month and it’s always a must visit. Normally paired with Splash Mountain. (You’ll also find it in Tokyo and Paris so it Definitley is a super popular ride. This is the perfect ride for younger guests getting a taste of rollercoasters. No big drops only a few dips. It just feels very fast. The other feeling (which only really effects adults) is feeling like your head is going to be taken off going through the rocks. We love the ride and it’s one of those that we will do multiple times per visit.

Here’s 5 fun facts about the ride around the world

⭐Should have opened in Disney World First
The ride was put on hold in favour of Pirates of the Carribean and Space Mountain, putting it a year behind Disneyland

⭐The station for the ride in Disneyland is outdoors, unique to this park.

⭐At one point in Magic Kingdom you will be riding parallel to WDW Railroad. Great photo/video op!

⭐Paris’ version is interestingly placed where you would normally find Tom Sawyers Island in other parks within Rivers of America.

⭐The Paris ride offers a glimpse of Tower of Terror at the height of one of the drops.

This is a classic ride as iconic as Disney’s other famous mountains like Splash and Space. Infact in Magic Kingdom we often have do one mountain after the other (often including Everest in Animal Kingdom). For our money this is the least intense mountain of them all and suitable for most.

Which Disney Mountain is your favourite to ride? Let us know below.

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