⭐Ranking the slopes and slides at Blizzard Beach⭐

How many of these water slides have you done?

⭐Ranking the slopes and slides at Blizzard Beach⭐

When the summer gets hot in Orlando we can’t think if anything more refreshing the splashing around at Disney World’s Water Parks.

Today we are going to look at our favourite of the two…Blizzard Beach. A blizzard frozen in time and melted to create these fun pools and trickling streams. Here we are going to be ranking all the slides by length. Because we want as much ride for our money and value length of slide over height (We’ll include the heights too if that gets you excited!). If you haven’t been here before this is the ultimate bucket list of a splash park. If you have, tells us in the comments the biggest slide you’ve taken on!

Before we get into it there are some non slide based activities. For those who aren’t fans of the slopes.

⭐Melt Away Bay Wave Pool
1 Acre of fun
⭐Cross Country Creek Lazy River
Flows around the entire park with locations to jump in and out. Best way to travel!
⭐Ski Patrol Camp
Obstacle course, small slides and a zip line into the water. A ton of fun  for under 12’s
⭐Tikes Peak
Splash area, small slides for your mini explorers.

Ok, so now you’ve got the kids wet. We’ll meet you at the slopes. Here we’ve got Red, Purple and Green. Each area with it’s own challenges. Here we go, small to big….and they get pretty big!

⭐Summit Plumit⭐120ft Free Fall Slide⭐48Inch Height Requitement⭐Green Slopes
You’ll see the slide before you get anywhere near it. It may not be the longest. But that’s because it heads almost vertically into the air! It’s the water park version of Tower of Terror. Except you only go one way! 60 miles an hour will have you at the bottom in seconds. Arguably WDW’s biggest thrill.

⭐Downhill Double Dipper⭐230ft Racing Tube Slide⭐48Inch Height Req⭐Purple Slope
Here you’ll reach speeds of 25 mile an hour as you race down 50ft of twin inner tubes. Your races are timed too so you can really get competitive.

⭐Toboggan Racers⭐250ft Mat Slide⭐No Height Requirement⭐Purple Slopes
Similar to Snow Stormers. You’ll lay on your stomach as you slide down hill over dips giving you a bumpy but fun ride.

⭐Slusher Gusher⭐250ft Body Slide⭐48Inch Height Requitement⭐Green Slopes
Summit Plumits little brother. 35 mile an hour speeds build up as you drop 90ft. It gets exciting as you’ll find yourself actually airborne is it levels and dips.

⭐Snow Stormers⭐350ft Mat Slide⭐No Height Requirement⭐Purple Slopes
Lay on your belly and pretend that your on a ski slope as you head down hill weaving in out of the gates of the slope.

⭐Runoff Rapids ⭐600ft Tube Slides⭐No Height Requirement⭐Red Slopes
3 Tube slides (we reccomend the open two) weave and drop around the Red Slopes. You really get some bang for your buck here.

⭐Teamboat Springs⭐1,400ft White Water Raft Slide⭐No Height Requirement⭐Green Slopes
Grab 4-6 of your favourite people, take the ski lift up and take a rubber raft down this insanely fun ride. Twists and turns will have you feeling like your about to take off into the air!

These slides are alot if fun and there really is something for everyone. If you are a bit of an amature to water slides. Start with the ones without a height requirement, then work your way up. It’ll probably take you a good few hours to get around them all. We suggest a session in the lazy river to bring your thrill levels down to earth.

Are you a fan of water parks? If you’ve been to the two in Disney World. Which is your favourite? Let us know below.

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