⭐7 Reasons to enjoy a meal with Snow White⭐

Have you character dined with Dopey and Snow White before?

⭐7 Reasons to enjoy a meal with Snow White⭐

🏰Wilderness Lodge near Magic Kingdom
💲Cost: $30-$60 per adult/1 Dining Point

Last summer we returned to Artist Pont located in Wilderness Lodge in Disney World. This was the first time we ate here since the restaurant had been transformed to a Character Dining…except it’s unlike any other. Unique characters, a formidable queen awaits and a meal filled with flavour and surprises. Here’s 7 reasons why we love it here and think you will too.

⭐1⭐Dine with a Dwarf or two
The only dining on property where you’ll find Dopey and Grumpy. And yet Grumpy isn’t the grumpiest character you’ll meet!

⭐2⭐Forest Ambience
Dark woods and sounds of the forest bring you into Snow White’s world.

⭐3⭐Appetizers to Share
A choice of 3 starters. We very much enjoyed Hunters Terrine with Chicken, Black truffle, Fruit Preserve and Pickles. Sweet and Savoury. Very Nice.

⭐4⭐Enter the Entrées
Pick from a choice of hearty meals. Heavy on meat but fish and veggie options also. We had the Royal Prime Rib with Horseradish mash and veg with a warm jus. Very tender and flavorsome.

⭐5⭐Don’t forget to quench your thirst
We reccomend to drink the Transformation Potion with Lemonade and blue potion (blue ice cube) there are lots of cocktails too. We got The Antidote filled with Rum, syrup, lime and ginger beer.

⭐6⭐A Smokey end
3 magical deserts are brought to the table. But the 4th surprise desert you won’t forget. You’ll be given a box which smokes when opened revealing Maple Popcorn and a Ganache heart. Visually stunning end to this immersive meal. Well almost the end. You have one more date…

⭐7⭐The Evil Queen summons you
Towards the end of your meal you will get an invitation to meet her wicked majesty. For selfies and such. She doesn’t smile.

We have fond memories of our time here. The experience is a must do for all little Prince’s and Princesses. And for the adults this is a Character Diner where the food is actually pretty good. Everyone happy…except the Queen of course. (Tip. Talk bad about Snow, she likes that)

Have you eaten here? What was your favourite part? Let us know in the comments.

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