☆FIRST LOOK EXCLUSIVE with @ourmagicalhome_☆

☆FIRST LOOK EXCLUSIVE with @ourmagicalhome_☆

We are already big fans of these wonderful waxmelts and candles. Transporting you back to your favourite Disney locations, rekindling old memories via their incredible scents. Well…they’ve gone and done it again.

We are so proud to be able to bring you an exclusive look at…

☆The Vacation Club Wax Melts☆

We wish we could transport the smell to you. When we opened it both my wife and I immediately said “It smells like Vacation Club!” We can’t figure out how they do it. It smells like  you’ve stepped into a fresh room at say the Grand Floridian. It reminds me of Disney’s H2O fragrance you will find in their soaps and shampoo’s a delightful smell. We are told the scent is hard to come by in UK and very limited. This is probably our favourite Wax Melt of theirs that we have tried yet.

Check back to our Stories tomorrow as we’ll melt a cube and let you know how it smells. If it’s like the others, it fills our home with it’s delightful fragrance and can be used again and again without losing the scent.

A big thank you to @ourmagicalhome_ once again and if you want to grab some wax melts of your own we’ll pop the details down below of where you can find them. And be sure to follow them for all their new releases and past creations.

Website: https://ourmagicalhome.co.uk/
Etsy: ourmagicalhome.etsy.com
IG: @ourmagicalhome

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