☆Our 5 Favourite New Collections at shopdisney.com☆

☆Our 5 Favourite New Collections at shopdisney.com☆

Mulan features heavy with new toys amd costumes plus the long awaited castle collection. With the NBA returning Disney is pumping our Merch across all teams. And our favourite pal Pluto celebrates his 90th birthday with a bunch of cool merch. And finally Dooney and Bourke have launches a new collection. Here are our picks but there is much, much more to be found at shopdisney.com.

☆5☆Mulan Live Action Collection|Doll($29.99)|Pins($15.99-17.99)|Adult Costume($74.99)|Kids Costume($79.99)

☆4☆Pluto 90th Anniversary Collection|Mystery Pins($19.99)|Key($12.99)|Key Pin($12.99)|Poster Pins($17.99)|Jerseys($64.99)

☆3☆NBA Experience NBA Team Collections|Water Bottle($29.99)|Magic Band($24.99)|Phone Case($29.99)|Pin($12.99)

☆2☆Dooney and Burke Tres Chic Collection | Crossbody Bag ($198)|Shopper Tote ($268)

☆1☆Mulan Castle Collection|Pin($29.99)|Puzzle ($24.99)|Journal($24.99)|Light Up Ornament ($129.99)

Which is your favourite collection? Are you a huge Mulan fan like us? Let us know below.

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