☆Mulan (2020) Review…Watch now or wait until it’s free?☆

☆Mulan (2020) Review…Watch now or wait until it’s free?☆

☆Spoiler Free

We finally got the film we were expecting in May. Mulan launched Disney Plus’s Premier Access (we don’t think this will be the last film to get this distribution either). $30 in the US, £20 in the UK. This has been a topic that has split people. Pay up now or wait until December 4th when it is launched on the regular service.

First our thoughts on the film. It broke the mould slightly, not being a complete carbon copy like Lion King. Of all the Disney Live Actions so far (since Maleficent). This film ventures furthest from the source material. It still follows the basic storyline but plot points are much different, it will definitley be a fresh experience for Mulan fans.

With a change from the original you are always going to loose something. Here that mostly comes in the form of Mushu and the Songs. Neither features. Yes the songs are instrumental in the background of scenes and appear in the credits. But Mulan 2020 is not a musical.

The Characters are all much different. The men’s roles are given far less importance, many don’t have fleshed out characters at all and just blend in. This story is all about Mulan and nobody else. And she does shine!

What will br really interesting now is to see how well it does at the Box Office. Has Disney’s gamble paid off?

So would we wait or buy now? We would WAIT for the December release. Die hard Mulan fans will probably be a bit dissapointed by what’s been removed. General fans aren’t going to miss out by waiting.

Mulan is a good film, it left the source material which was great. But it could have developed characters better and made it at least a bit humourous. It was very serious and sombre for the most part

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