☆10 Questions About Disney Weddings with @theserialbride☆

☆10 Questions About Disney Weddings with @theserialbride☆

We are super excited to be interviewing Michelle AKA @theserialbride. We’ll find out about her experiences not just getting married at Disney but a vow renewal too! You could say she’s somewhat of an expert. Let’s jump straight in.

COME: Did you get engaged in Disney?

TSB: Yes! I got proposed to on Dumbo in Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World! I was completely surprised. It was such a sweet proposal. There is truly no other better place to get proposed to than Disney. Disney truly makes celebrating special occasions so magical!

COME: Why choose Disney for the wedding?

TSB: We chose to get married at the Disneyland Resort because Disney has been such a huge part of our love story. Our first trip together was in 2008 and we became annual passholders soon after. Our best memories have been spent in Disney, so we chose to get married there! It was actually my husband’s idea because he truly wanted to get married somewhere that meant a lot to the both of us and somewhere we could continue to go to and celebrate our love. 

COME: What makes a Disney Wedding different from a regular one?

TSB: Disney Weddings are beyond magical! Where else can you have Mickey Mouse come to your wedding and greet you and your guests!? I truly love the Disney experiences you can add on to your special day such as characters, Cinderella’s Crystal Coach, an in park shoot, and so much more! As a huge Disney lover, getting married at a Disney Resort is so special, plus the Disneyland Disney Fairy Tale Wedding’s team is beyond amazing to work with!

COME: Did you have a wedding planner?

TSB: Disney Fairy Tale Weddings comes with a wedding consultant that works with you to make your dream wedding a reality. You let them know what you want and they help plan your wedding alongside you. They also help with timelines and make sure your day goes smoothly. You also have a planning session where you talk about how you envision your day as well as pick out linens, colors, floral, and other decor that you’d like for your special day! Disneyland Weddings also offer a tasting too where you can try out some of your reception food as well as cake!

COME: What was the process of booking the wedding like?

TSB: Booking our wedding was seamless. The Disney Fairy Tale Wedding’s team, at the Disneyland Resort, is beyond amazing and took care of me the entire time. Their Sales Wedding Consultants guide you into picking venues and solidifying the perfect date for your wedding!

COME: If folks wanted their own Disney Wedding how would they get the ball rolling?

TSB: If you want to have a Disney Fairy Tale Wedding, you should check out their website first and contact them there. Here is a link to help you start planning your wedding with Disney.

If you want to get married at the Disneyland Resort you can contact Disney Fairy Tale Weddings 18 months in advance to pick a date and sign a contract with them. If you want to get married at the Walt Disney World Resort you can contact Disney 12 months in advance to start planning your special day!

COME: How many guests did you have?

TSB: At our wedding we had 100 guests, but you can have way less or way more guests depending on who you want to invite. Each venue has different guest count minimums and maximums as well as pricing, so that might also help determine how many guests you want to invite for your big day.

COME: What was the food like, and what did you have?

TSB: The wedding food is what you would expect it to be like at Disney, AMAZING! We had a buffet, but you can have a plated option as well. My favorite food items that we had at our wedding was the mushroom risotto and the Dole Whip flavored cake. We also had Mickey shaped pretzels which was so fun for our guests and a great nod to Disney!

COME: You heard it here first folks, Dole Whip Flavoured Cake!!!😍

If you could do it all again what would you change?

TSB: We have actually been lucky enough to do it again and had a Disney Fairy Tale Weddings Vow Renewal just recently! After our wedding we were sad that it was over! We both wish we had more time to eat and dance, so for our vow renewal we made sure to not greet guests or have toasts during our dinner time. Plus, we added on extra time to our reception to allow us to dance the night away!

COME: What advice would you give to anyone who has a Disney wedding coming up?

TSB: I would like to tell couples that are in the early stages of planning to write down what matters most to them. Is it floral, details, food, experiences, Disney add ons, photos, etc? After they figure out what matters most to them about their event they can focus their time and money on those elements. We didn’t spend any money on our ceremony decor because we cared more about experiences and wanted special Disney add ons to make our day feel even more magical and memorable! Every couple has different priorities, but our priorities were definitely photography and adding special Disney elements such as characters, Cinderella’s Crystal Coach, an in park shoot, etc. I would like to tell couples that are close to their special days to not stress about the small stuff because they are in amazing hands! Disney knows what they are doing and they want your day to be amazing and it will be even if there are small hiccups along the way. Also, I would like all couples to remember this is their wedding and to do what they want for their special days and to not listen to naysayers. Another piece of advice would be to find a special time where the two of you can escape the chaos of the day and focus on each other. We had some time together in Cinderella’s Crystal Coach. It was nice to just be together without everyone else and truly take in the day. It felt like we were able to pause our wedding just for a moment, which was so nice because the day goes by so fast! I didn’t expect our wedding to end so soon and I wish I prepared myself on how fast the day truly goes. If you are doing a character meet and greet, I would highly recommend paying to add additional time to your reception, so you can enjoy your wedding more and truly soak in the entire day.

COME: This has been incredibly insightful, thank you so much. We like to think we are Disney experts but honestly we knew very little of the wedding process. We may just have to get our vows renewed now!!! Anything for that Dole Whip Cake!

Thank you again and the fun doesn’t stop here folks. Make sure you follow @theserialbride as their feed is filled with pictures and further info of both of their big days!

Image: @theserialbride

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