☆15 Ways Hong Kong Disneyland is Unique☆

☆15 Ways Hong Kong Disneyland is Unique☆

This month marks the 15th Anniversary of Hong Kong Disneyland opening it’s gates to the world. It is the fifth Disney Park to open and the first in China. It’s unique in it’s size and design comapred to it’s international cousins. And yet still a beautiful park. To mark this grand anniversary we thought we would look at 15 ways HKDL separates itself from the rest of Disney’s Parks.

The park is the smallest of all 6 Disney Resorts. At only 68 Acres this is less than half the size of Magic Kingdom (142 Acres)

This was also the fastest of Disney’s Parks to be built. With construction beginning in January of 2003 and the opening date was intact brought forward from 2006. It took little over 2 years from breaking ground to opening.

Respecting the culture of China the layout of the park adheres to Feng Shui. The directing of energy to bring harmony to the park.

☆Unique Lands
Features Grizzly Gulch and Mystic Point, unique to the park. Grizzly is very similat to Frontierland while Mystic Point is home to a reworking of a classic Dinseyland attraction.

The park can only accomodate 34,000 guests daily. Nearly a third of Magic Kingdom’s 90,000 capacity.

Disney aim to hold 10 million guests a year and are in the process of creating new themed areas and attractions.

☆Newly Added attractions
The park has been constantly expanding since opening. The most recent additions include the Ironman Experience, Moana Homecoming Celebration Show and Buzz’s Astro Blasters was replaced by Antman and the Wasp Nano Battle.

☆Upcoming attractions
A Frozen themed land is due in 2021, Arendale The World of Frozen. And Stark Expo in 2023

☆Main Street
The theming to Main Street here is alot different to others around the world. It features alot more wood rather than stone.

Despite being the smallest of Disney’s parks. Adventure land is bigger than others in other parks. This is due to the Rivers of America like festure. Except in the center is the massive Tarzan’s Treehouse encompassed by Jungle Cruise in an incredible mashing of iconic attractions.

Here you will find many Disney staples but it is unique with it’s Fairytale Forest and Fantasy Gardens for meet and greets.

Here you will find Disney’s original take on Marvel with the Ironman Experience and the first Ant Man Ride. The ride mechanics are the same as the Buzz ride but the story, interior and exterior have had a full overhaul.

☆Unique Lands
Grizzly Gulch is basically a remake of Frontierland. With Big Grizzly Mountain Railway Mine Cars based on Grizzly Peak in California. Mystic Point is home to Hong Kong’s version of the Haunted Mansion, Mystic  Manor. World of Frozen will be the first Frozen Land at Disney featuring the Frozen Ever After boat ride and a family rollercoaster. Stark Expo will continue the transformarion of large parts of Tomorrowland into a Marvel theme as Marvel spreads around the worlds parks more and more.

☆Castle Changes
Mickey is front and center of the night time projection show on the castle. It may or may not return when the Castle and Hub renovations are complete.

Sadly the park has always been met with criticism for being too small, rushed build. Which has been justified by overcrowding, although this is being resolved more and more with all the expansion works.

Small but full of character. Hong Kong should be a must stay on your bucket list. It’s a fantastic park and often gets underatted by it’s stunning neighbours Tokyo and Shanghai. But it is unique and beautiful in its own way.

Have you visited before? Is it on your bucket list? Let us know below.

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