☆Mission Space: Team Green vs Team Orange☆

☆Mission Space: Team Green vs Team Orange☆

At Epcot in Disney World there is a ride that opened 17 years ago this month that splits guests like no other. To the point where back in 2017 (this month also) the ride was made accessible for even more riders. What’s the big deal we hear you say?

This ride was made with help form the folks from NASA to simulate astronaut training via  a space simulator ride. The Mars mission will see you slingshot around the moon to land on Mars. The Earth mission will have you orbit the  Earth before landing.

In both green and orange teams you will be put in a team of 4 (your own group of 4 or split with another party). Following a rather extensive pre show (which lasts 3 times as long as the 4 minute ride). You are each assigned a seat on the space craft. You each have a roll of Navigator, Engineer, Pilot, Commander. When instructed you will hit the lit buttons infront of you to complete your role in the mission. (Don’t worry if you miss your shot, you get two goes and it doesn’t effect the ride experience anyway.) Then just sit back (or rather forward as the chair tilts you and watch the views of space in this highly immersive ride.

Green Team is very plesant, if not a bit cramped. It is a typical motion simulator and only has you move with the ride vehicle a little bit. If you don’t like closed spaces this ride probably isn’t for you at all. Otherwise you should enjoy this option. It does come with a 40″ height requirement.

Orange Team is the BAD BOY! Everything is the same as above except the ride spins with a G force of 2.5g’s. If you suffer from motion sickness, have a high blood pressure or pre existing medical conditions we don’t reccomend this option. This option has been know to seriously shake up even hard core rollercoaster riders. Outside the ride you can clearly see the ride conditions and guidelines. Check these out fully before making your choice. However if you pass the guidelines and want a thrill unlike any in Disney World, go for it….just not right after lunch.

Oh and if anyone changes their mind there is an air con waiting area in the attraction to wait, plus a gift shop!

Have you ridden this ride? Which Team did you go on? Let us know below.

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  1. Amy Aajee

    I ended up opting out of this ride altogether because it looked a bit too claustrophobic for me. I probably would have been fine, but I had a perfectly good time browsing in a shop while I waited for my family.


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