☆When are the parks less busy?☆

☆When are the parks less busy?☆

When visiting Disney Parks it sometimes seems like the crowds are endless. Ever try to find a last minute parade spot, or run out of fast passes? We have been there. However we have been to Disney enough to know when the parks are less busy, less crowds, shorter lines. Here’s our top tips

☆Park Reopening
Of course we are in unprecedented times but the parks are also seeing unprecidented crowd levels. The parks seem to be around 1/3 of usual capacity. These are the least busy during the day you are likely to see them. Lines are way shorter, there are no fireworks or scheduled parades so no crowds gathering. Of course you need to judge for you and your family if now is safe enough for you to visit. If it is your first visit we reccomend waiting. Because while the parks are emptier your first visit should include parades and fireworks, and meet and greets of course.

☆Rain/Thunder Storm
Anyone who visits Florida knows thay May-Nov is their rainy season. You can expect showers when visiting the parks. However it’s rare these last all day and often they come and go very quickly. Yet when the rain falls, many leave the parks. So our advice is to wait out the storm in a store or grab a bite to eat. Then once the storm is over it will be alot less busy.

☆Late Fireworks/Castle Projections
If you aren’t a fan of the crowds around the castle. See if there is a later time. Most see the earlier shows then often leave. The late fireworks, castle projections are alot less busy.

☆Avoid Rope Drop
Especially right now everyone wants to get in at park opening. Yet if you wait an hour or two you’ll get in alot quicker. Also transportation will be quieter as everyone is already at the parks

☆Extra Magic hours
These are only available to hotel guests, Passholders, DVC. You can get in the parks an hour early, or exit an hour or two later. All the day passes have gone home so it’s a bit less busy.

☆Ticketed Events
Pre 2020 the closest you got to reduced capacity was at ticketed events like Villains, Halloween or Winter parties. Only a limited number of tickets are released, the parks are alot less crowded.

☆Disney Springs Daytime
For Disney Springs most go late afternoon/evening. So if you hit it during the day to get your merch. You can always grab lunch as restaurants will also be less busy and lunch menus are often similar to dinner menus.

If you’ve been to the parks before. When have you found it least crowded? If you visit for the first time, are you looking for a busy break or something more casual? Let us know below.

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