☆Wheelchair Ride Accessibility at Disney World Simplified☆

☆Wheelchair Ride Accessibility at Disney World Simplified☆

Here @comexplorers we want to not only offer our expert knowledge of Disney Parks. But also share our knowledge of accessibility in the parks. As you may know, one of our founders Nat is physically disabled and in a wheelchair. Yet she has ridden most rides at Disney World. We know first hand what’s accessible and what isn’t. However there is a grey area we want to explain that Disney doesn’t make clear.

For this we will be looking at wheelchair accessibility rides, not rides you have to transfer into or be able to walk onto. Disney has two categories here.

☆May stay in ECV or Wheelchair
☆Must transfer from ECV to Wheelchair

However we want to add a third category
☆May stay in ECV if it fits securely

The reason for this distinction is that based on Disney’s info you would think that if you are in an Electric Wheelchair/ECV you may not take it on all rides. For the large ECVs you can hire, yes they are too big for some rides. However there are rides where if your electric wheelchair fits in the space in the ride vehicle, and can be locked safely in place. You CAN take it on.

Always check with ride attendants before riding, often they will let you see if your electric wheelchair fits. They will do their best to accomodate you safely within their guidelines.

So here we will now list the rides across all 4 parks including our 3rd category. So you will be able to see plain and simple what rides, if you or someone in your party is in a wheelchair, will be able to access.

☆May remain ECV☆

☆Magic Kingdom
•Jungle Cruise
•Tiki Room
•Country Bear Jamboree
•Raft to Tom Sawyer Island
•Hall of Presents
•Liberty Square Riverboat
•Mickey’s PhilharMagic
•Monsters Inc Laugh Floor

•Advanced Training Lab
•Seas with Nemo
•Turtle Talk with Crush
•Journey into Imagination
•Reflections of China
•American Adventure
•Impressions de France
•O Canada!
•All Galleries

☆Hollywood Studios
•Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular
•Muppet Vision
•Voyage of Little Mermaid
•Disney Junior Live
•Beauty and the Beast Live

☆Animal Kingdom
•All trails/treks
•Tough to be a bug
•Festival of Lion King
•Finding Nemo Musical
•Wildlife Express train

☆May remain in ECV if it fits securely☆

☆Magic Kingdom
•WDW Railroad
•It’s a small world
•Many adventures of Pooh
•Under the sea Journey of Little Mermaid
•Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin
•Prince Charming Regal Carrousel

•Seas with Nemo
•Living with the Land/Behind the seeds
•Grand Fiesta Tour

☆Hollywood Studios
•Toy Story Mania

☆Animal Kingdom
•Affection Section
•Kilimanjaro Safaris

☆Must Transfer from ECV to Wheelchair☆

☆Magic Kingdom
•Carpets of Aladdin
•Enchanted tales with Belle

☆Animal Kingdom
TriceraTop Spin

We hope this simplifies things. Must transfer from ECV doesn’t always mean that. It all depends on the size of the ECV/Electric Vehicle.

If you have any questions about accessibility please ask, we will be able to advise. And of course cast members are very knowledgeable in the parks and will be able to help you.

Please save this post it helps you or share it with someone who could use this info.

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