☆How Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular Has Survived The Test Of Time☆

☆How Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular Has Survived The Test Of Time☆

Hollywood Studios, of all the parks at Disney World has seen the greatest amount of change in the 31 years since Indy’s own show opened in the then Disney MGM Studios. Back then the park really did feel like a film set with great attractions such as the Backlot Tour and Lights, Motors, Action among others.

The reason this shown fit so well is because it was, and still is. A great spectacle placing an audience infront of the camera of an Indiana Jones film, then taking them behind the scenes.

The Show still draws large crowds (although currently closed- Aug2020) and for us personally we still visit it. Our then 6 year old even enjoyed the show having no prior exposure to Indiana Jones. (The hat and whip we got him from the merch stand helped)

For those who haven’t seen it (we won’t give away much). You’ll see stunts, car/bike chases , fire, guns, explosions. The works, you can even (over 18s) volunteer to be a part of the group of extras used for the show.

It is a credit to the quality of the show that it is still here. In the years since it debuted Toy Story Land and Galaxy’s Edge have opened. Just about all the other park shows have changed or evolved over time. Yet Indy and co stand strong.
It does still have a link to Star Tours in the park (both created along with Lucas film). And we are glad it is still around. Because while we love the park. It has become far more franchised based. Indians Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular is a lens through which we can see the park for what it used to be. An open film set, we were a part of.

Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Show and the Merch Outpost are currently closed during Disneys reopening. But when they do reopen we highly reccomend a visit to one of the shows that runs regularly throughout the day.

Which is your favourite of Hollywood Studios shows? Let us know in the comments below.

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