☆Exclusive Interview: Scott and Ryceejo☆

We are back with an exclusive interview. You may have seen them on Youtube, but incase you haven’t they are the music sensation Scott and Ryceejo @scottandryceejomusic. They are most known for their Disney Mashups which are incredible. We have been following them for a while and they are usually playing when we produce out content.

They have released two albums and a third is imminent. And today we have the absolute privilege of a chat with them both. Please welcome Scott and Ryceejo.

COME: What is each of your backgrounds in music?

S&R: Scott was raised in a very musical family and got a degree in music production from BYU! He owns a professional recording studio right in our house where we make music for ourselves and many other clients!

Ryceejo sang in dozens of audition choirs in high school and college, graduated with a minor in music! She plays piano, organ, and a little bit of guitar.

COME: What did you do musically before forming the duo?

S&R: Scott was a member of BYU Vocal Point for three years. He starred in dozens of musicals growing up and loved to make his own music. He was recording and producing other a cappella groups before Scott & Ryceejo began.

Ryceejo was singing in many choirs and teaching piano lessons.

COME:How did you come together?

S&R: We met in an audition choir at BYU and after a few dates, we knew we really liked each other (and also loved singing together!). We got married a few years later and gave out CDs of us singing together as wedding favors. We have been singing together ever since!

COME: What made you decide to do Disney mashups?

S&R: Ryceejo had the first idea of mashing up “How Far I’ll Go” with “Go the Distance.” We were in the middle of a pop album but decided to do the song on a whim. It was received so well that we had to drop the album and keep doing mashups!!

COME: How do you decide which songs to do?

S&R: We first look at what Disney movies are popular and trending. YouTube is a game of creating content people are interested in at the moment. Ryceejo has a spreadsheet list of all the Disney movies and their songs, and when we have an idea we write the other song in the next column. We select from that list. The songs must have similar messages/themes, but also have similar musical structures. We wouldn’t try to mash up a tender, gentle lullaby with a dance-y bop.

COME: What’s the process of planning the song and deciding how to score it?

S&R: Once Ryceejo (or occasionally Scott) presents the song ideas, Scott first imports both tracks into a new music session, then we cut and splice which pieces of the songs we want and where. Then Scott maps it all out using midi tracks. Sometimes it’s a cappella, sometimes it’s instrumental! It depends on the type of feel we want the song to have. We first were strictly a cappella, but we have rounded out from that.

COME: Who does more of the sound production and who is more lyrical?

S&R: Scott excels at the harmonies and Ryceejo has a lot of insight on the lyrical flow of the song. Once a song is mapped out, we both record our parts and then Scott edits the vocals and mixes the song.
. ..
COME: How do you decide between a studio video and on set production?

S&R: Ooh this is tricky!! It costs a lot of money to film a video on a set, so we switched to studio videos for a while to save on costs and time (and it was easier with kids). We found that a lot of our subscribers liked to see the more unplugged, raw footage of us singing together. But we will release a fully produced video that everyone goes crazy for (like Let it Go/Into the Unknown) and then we feel we have to keep doing set production. Right now we have no idea what is better for our channel!!

COME: How far do you travel for set videos and how do you arrange these?

S&R: We stay in an hour radius of our house. Ryceejo’s mom is great at watching the kids when we are more up north, and Scott’s family is great at helping if we are closer to home. It’s always about finding babysitters!!

COME: Who do you use for outside services like cinematography, location, costuming, extras etc…

S&R: We have a network of amazing cinematographers that we love! We are loyal to Josh Sales, who filmed our very first Disney mashup (for FREE, because it was his first ever music video). We have also done work exchanges with other musical friends, like Robbie of Working with Lemons and Jess Johnson of Lucca Sounds. We have had many cinematographers and they each bring something different and special! We come up with locations almost entirely ourselves and part of the monthly budget is paying to use those places. And we do costuming ourselves!! Lots of Ryceejo shopping online, haha.

COME: Which have been your favourite mashups?

S&R: “Where You Are/Under the Sea”, the first track from our first full volume of Disney Mashups, is a favorite every day. It is timeless! We feel so tenderly about “How Far I’ll Go the Distance” since it was our first ever. All of Volume 2 is really fun to listen to. But now that Volume 3 is almost complete, we are entirely useless at picking a favorite anymore. We have made each track so unique and different that we couldn’t imagine an album without one of them now!

COME: Which were the trickiest to put together?

S&R: Our first villain mashup, “Mother Knows Best/In Here.” Different tempos, different rhythms, but the messages fit so perfectly so we had to make it work. And we did!

COME: Who are the little ones in your videos? We get sad if they aren’t in one now lol!

S&R: They’re our kiddos! Our daughter Zanna has been in our videos since the very beginning of our YouTube channel!! Now we have another munchkin, and they both just make the cutest extras. And now Zanna is singing on some of our songs and it’s amazing.

COME: How did Let it Go/Into the unkown come together? What went into the set up, filming etc…

S&R: We are the music directors for a brand new choir in Utah, called the Rise Up Children’s Choir. We were hired in the spring of 2019. There are over 100 talented kids in the choir, and we were hoping to have the opportunity to sing with them. When Frozen 2 came out, we had two great ideas for songs to do. The choir’s producers, Amy and Suzy, decided that the mashup would go on our channel and “Show Yourself” would go on the choir’s. They directed both videos the same day (all filmed in 6.5 hours!). They planned all the costuming, booked the location, and had everything running like a machine that day. They get all the credit for it all going so smoothly. Man it was FREEZING though! Josh Sales -and his brother Nick, who is also a videographer- filmed the videos!

COME: How did you feel when it went viral and skyrocketed to 10Mil views?

S&R: Pleasantly surprised, but not shocked. Frozen 2 was very popular material, and the kids just dazzle in the video. (I’m sure we would get millions of views if we featured them in all of our videos!!) We mashed up the two most iconic Frozen songs, and did it well, and the kids executed it perfectly.

COME: How long does it take to put an album together,

S&R: Oh months and months! Volume 2 was our fastest, and volume 3 is definitely taking the longest!

COME: Would you ever seek a record lable or stick to your own productions?

S&R: No way on a record label! It could help with some advertising, but since we can professionally produce all of our own music, it wouldn’t be worth it to us!

COME: Which songs would you still like to take on?

S&R: We haven’t done anything from Snow White or Peter Pan yet! There are some great classics there.

COME: Can you give us some hints to upcoming productions.

S&R: Totally! The Greatest Showman is returning to this album for a way cool pop crossover, and we are collaborating with the famously talented Amy Whitcomb on that one. Lilo and Stitch, Beauty and The Beast, and Merida are also debuting on this album! After Volume 3 we are going to take a brief pause from Disney Mashups to work on some other fun music!

COME: More Hamilton please (ok not a question but please do!!!)

S&R: Which song should we do next???

COME: Dear Theadosia would be perfect for you guys, not a mash up but a beautiful duet!

What advice would you give to artists who want to get into the Youtube space and self production?

S&R: Do it! But don’t just start throwing out videos. Take some time to figure out your niche. Watch the channels of the creators you most want to be like, then decide how you would be different. YouTube is unpredictable, and playing the algorithm/popularity game can be depressing, so diversify. Create content that can be enjoyed on many platforms, like social media, music streaming services, etc. Make an account on Patreon once you know what you’re doing so others can support you!!

COME: How does it feel to know how many artists and people you have inspired with your music, and what does the future hold for your music?

S&R: We hope we have inspired many others to shine their own unique talents! Our mission is to uplift and bring joy in a way that the family can all enjoy together. Family is the most important, and it’s the most in danger today. We will always continue creating music for streaming and purchasing, but we may not always do videos.

COME: Where can folks find your music and more about you?

S&R: Start with YouTube! Subscribe to Scott & Ryceejo, and check out our Patreon page. We have over 70 patrons who support us anywhere from $1 to $25 a month so we can keep creating content! We post a lot more about our lives on Instagram, @scottandryceejomusic.

COME: And folks we also highly reccomend their albums, which we listen to on Spotify.

Thank you guys so much for chatting with us today. You are an inspiration to us and we’re sure, many, many more people. We cannot wait that’s all still to come. Not sure how we’ll feel about no videos, we really enjoy the scaled back versions. As beautiful as the full music videos are. We’re here to hear your beautiful voices, in whatever form they come in.

Thank you again to our readers for following us and checking out this amazing interview. We’ve got alot more lined up so make sure to follow @comexplorers and check our website comexplorers.com for more.

Image: @scottandryceejomusic

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