☆Why we would choose Kidani Village over Jumbo House Villas☆

☆Why we would choose Kidani Village over Jumbo House Villas☆

Animal Kingdom is a short bus always from two beautiful resorts offering spectacular views, great food and spacious DVC rooms. There are two main areas, Jambo House and Kidani Village. Both magnificent to stay in and each with their own highlights. If we were to book a stay however we would opt for Kidani Village every time. Here’s a few reasons why.

From Kidani village it’s practically impossible not to get a view of the savana around the grounds. Kidani Village sits on the Sunset Savanna the largest of the 4 savannas on property. You can view the animals from every floor of the hotel (where as Jambo is only 5th and 6th floor) with many many viewing points. Make sure you ask when checking in if it’s possible to “see the animals” While Savannah rooms guarentee this view you can sometimes get a room that at least has a partial view or if the hotel is less full they may surprise you with what they can provide. Always worth enquiring. Also most of the parking is at Jambo so you will avoid most of those views here.

Rooms here also tend to be larger as they are all DVC compared with a mix at Jambo House. You have a choice of Deluxe Studio and 1-3 bed villa. They are all very spacious with grand African themes, lots of wooden details. You will get a kitchenette for studios and full kitchen for villas. They all come with balcony so you should get a good view. Villas are worth considering as they also come with washer dryer (less packing!)

We always value quieter pools. Festure pools are fun but everyone goes there if your hotel has a smaller pool, go there. Kidanis pool is quieter, smaller but still has kids play and water slide. Plus the pool bar, Maji, is real good.

Jambo has Boma buffet which is pretty good and Jiko which is a signature dining. However Kidani does get Sanaa, beautiful East African food, (get the bread platter!). Plus as we already said you get Savanna views from the restaurant which is the only restaurant to boast that in ALL of Disney. If you’ve had a long park day and can’t get a table reservation, head to the lounge where you’ll get many of the same eats.

Here you’ll find a community hall with pool table, aswell as tennis and basketball courts.

The only thing AK has against it is no monorail  skyliner or watercraft. So why not stay here and be the first stop on the bus! Can make all the difference as EVERYBODY is getting the bus to get where they are going.

☆You won’t be disappointed frankly with either site. But if you want more space, better views, quieter pool and lobby. Pick Kidani, you can’t go wrong!

Have you stayed in either let us know in the comments.

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