☆Where to get a good Bao Bun in Disney World Right Now!☆

☆Where to get a good Bao Bun in Disney World Right Now!☆

Since on lock down we have been buying a whole bunch of frozen Bao Buns, in the hope that we can recreate the gorgeous pods we find in Disney World. We love them so much we thought let’s do a feature, yes on Bao Buns!

Before we dive in, some of you may not know what a Bao Bun is! (Do you live under a rock?). They are “steamed buns” a Chinese delight of warm, sweet squishy dough encasing normally a protein or veggies. Kind of the Chinese’s take on a Beef Burger. They are insanely good and should be way more widely available. Here’s where you’ll find them in your next Disney trip…

☆Epcot – Nine Dragons
Here you will find two Bao Buns on the appetizer menu. Chicken and Pork Belly. The Pork belly melts in your mouth, mixed with red braised cabbage and Sweet Chilli Aioli. A blend of sweet and slightly spicy. The chicken is also good it comes with Nine Dragons special sauce. Check it out, it’s real good.

☆Disney Springs – YeSake Kiosk
Ok, time to step up a level. Here you can get a quality bun, minus the park admission. It’s a Sweet Teriyaki (boy we love Teriyaki) Chicken Bun. It’s packed and oozes the sweet and sour marinade. God dam it’s good.

☆Animal Kingdom/Pandora – Satu’li Canteen
Remember we said the Bao Bun is like a Chinese burger! Well here you can get EXACTLY THAT. Here you will find the Cheeseburger Steamed Pods. These are amazing folks. Steamed buns absolutley packed with minced beef, pickles and cheddar, oh and ketchup and mustard. A mouthful of pure gooey, meaty joy. We get this could have been a risk, trying to out America in a Chinese bun…but it works!

So next time you are in the parks, go grab one. You have to try it at least one time. We guarentee you’ll fall in love.

Have you tried any of these? Let us know in the comments.

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