☆Sci-Fi Dine In Theatre Restaurant – Ambience over Food?☆

☆Sci-Fi Dine In Theatre Restaurant – Ambience over Food?☆

One thing Disney is very very good at is creating a unique dining experience. At so many of it’s restaurants this is done well, as it is here. You get to dine in a car! Which in itself is super cool, but you can watch clips if old black and white movies on the big screen. Ambience here is fantastic, although we would like a bit more light at the table itself, we had to use our phone torch to see the menu.

As for food…it is ok. Burgers, a couple sandwiches and pasta. The variety is very small, we would have liked maybe a steak or some more seafood. The Drive In BBQ Burger is nice, but not particularly memorable. We think you can eat just about anywhere with the same food and have just a nice meal. Here you are paying for the experience not the food which ia a shame.

We tried it a couple times, once while jet lagged (never judge an experience when you’ve just got a flight). The second time wasn’t any better. It’s such a shame because it really is a great restaurant but they either need morr variety, or make what they have different.

We did enjoy dessert, the glazed donut and sundae were nice, but again, hardly exclusive.

We hate to give a poor review, but will always be honest. We would rather head to 50’s Prime Time Cafe. Good food, great dining experience.

What are your thoughts on Sci-fi? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Amy Aajee

    We thought it was a fun experience too, but the food was just fine, not special. At least on that day, I thought the air conditioning was a little extreme.


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