Introducing Our Newest Team Member

☆Introducing Our Newest Team Member☆

Today we are honoured to see our team grow as we now have a Lead Paris Explorer. Gabby  @disneyparisplease is coming on board to share with us and you her experiences of Disneyland Paris! We will feature all her adventures with you and cannot wait to follow her on even more. Her feed is delightful and you can catch up on all her previous posts at @disneyparisplease

Please follow and support @disneyparisplease it’s a lovely account and we couldn’t be more proud to have her on board.

She will of course join @beyondthepixiedust who is our Lead Orlando Explorer

@comexplorers is growing every day and we thank you all following and exploring Disney with us. Thank you, for letting us be your guide.

Please follow Castle of Mouse Explorers @comexplorers and visit our website (Link in Bio) For all Disney Parks, Merch, Movies News & Features. Plus Exclusive Interviews with Disney Cast and Talent Promotions. And now our own Merch too! (Link in bio)
Lead Orlando Explorer @beyondthepixiedust
Lead Paris Explorer @disneyparisplease

📸 @disneyparisplease

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