We got our Disney Key already!

☆We got our Disney Key already!☆

We’ve never received a Disney key before, 24 hours after ordering it! So excited we finally git it and it is adorable. It features Woody and Buzz and the years 1995-2020. Celebrating 25 years of Disney. The D looks good with the clouds although if we are being picky we would have preferred white clouds. The Luxo lamp and ball sit where the castle usually does as it did for the Toy Story 4 key. Overall we are very happy and not at all biased since we are Toy Story Mad!

For our purchase to get the key we picked up this Limited Edition Bobba Fett 297 in black and red (sorry the picture isn’t great, it comes in a solid perspex box which bounces the light back). It’s an Emerald City Comic Con 2020 edition, which had been released on shopdisney. We love the figure and even more so the presentation. We may just keep it in the box!

Did you get your key yet? Let us know in the comments.

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