Sorcerors of the Magic Kingdom IS Still Running

☆Sorcerors of the Magic Kingdom IS Still Running☆

While the parks may feel very different right now, one thing is still running as normal. The free to play Sorcerors of the Magic Kingdom game runs the exact same. This makes sense as it is fairly safe to play socially distanced and you don’t have to touch anything to play. So if you are a fan of this game or want to grow your card collection, you can do this as usual. If you have no idea how this works, don’t worry. We’ll break it down now.

☆Getting Started
As you enter Magic Kingdom head to the left into Firehouse by Guest Services. This is where you’ll begin. You will be given a sealed pack of cards and a map. Per person with a magic band, which is scanned. Generally you can only get one pack per day but you may meet a cast member who is happy to give you another later on, but this is not guaranteed.

☆The Cards
You’ll be given a small pack of cards. Altogether there are 26 regular cards to play the game with. These are collectable and the most fun part of the game. Each time you go back you’ll get more, growing your collection and amassing doubles. Trade your spare cards within your party or with other families playing the game (outside the firehouse is a good spot to find a family to trade with)

☆Special Cards
There’s special cards to collect at events like Halloween and Christmas parties. Also if you head into the Emporium on Main Street you can buy a binder to store your cards in. It comes with a play at home game and also a special card only found in these packs, 4 to collect I believe.

☆The Game
Apart from being a cool free collectable there is a scavenger hunt an interactive challenge. The cast member will tell you the location of your first portal, find it on the map and head off to find in. Portals are interactive windows you’ll find in store windows, walls and other places around the park. As you arrive at the first portal you’ll begin a story, there are several to play, you’ll be assigned a random one. In these games Hades has asked Disney villains to help find 4 enchanted crystals, it’s your job to stop them. Follow the instructions given but basically your cards have magic powers. Hold one up to the portal and it will cast a spell. Some villains will be beat by one spell, some might need a few to beat. The more cards you hold up. The more powerful the spell. Each time you beat the villain you’ll be sent to the next portal (find it on your map) and so on until you complete the quest. Return to the fire station each day you are there for an all new challenge.

The Villains you will encounter include Hades, Jafar, Scar, Ursula, Cruella, Maleficent, Ratcliffe  ,Yzma and Dr Favilier. There are plenty of your favourite Disney characters involved too, we’ll leave them to you to find.

And that’s all there is to it. It’s alot of fun, kids will enjoy playing the game around the park, as well aa collecting the cards but most of all it costs absolutley NOTHING!

Have you played this before? Let us know in the comments.

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