ObiWan/Yoda vs ChristopherRobin/Pooh

☆ObiWan/Yoda vs ChristopherRobin/Pooh☆

Christopher Robin came out 2 years today in which Ewan McGregor played the title character going on an adventure with his little friend. It’s an adorable movie and if you haven’t seen it, we suggest you do. It’s on disneyplus now.

19 years prior McGregor took on another role, of Obi Wan Kenobi in the Star Wars prequels. Here he stared alongside another iconic smaller character, Yoda.

But which is better? Lets take a look…

Phantom Menace vs Christopher Robin
Let’s take the first of the prequels and put it against Christopher Robin. When we look at the movies as a whole we can’t ignore our love of Star Wars.

Obi Wan vs Christopher Robin
McGregors two large roles, his acting has certainly imroved over the years and again we have to back Obi Wan and Star Wars here.

Yoda vs Winnie the Pooh
The impossible choice, both as iconic as each other. We love them both. Sorry we abstain,  we cannot possibly seperate the two.

How about you? How do you compare the two films and characters? Let us know in yhe comments.

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