☆What’s Beyond Victoria and Albert’s Doors?

☆What’s beyond Victoria and Alberts Doors?☆

Victoria and Alberts is almost a secret club in Disney World. Couples and those with older children may havr dined here. If you have under 10s, you’ve probably not been here. Also if you haven’t come on vacation with dinner jackets ordress pants for men or cocktail dress, pant suit for women, you haven’t got in. The dress code is very formal.

However once you’ve ditched the kids, dressed real fancy Victoria and Alberts doors are open to you. This AAA Fiver Star Reastaurant boasts the finest dining you will find in Disney World. These world class chefs source only the finest ingredients which vary depending on season.

The restaurant is like a super formal video game. Almost like an escape room. There are distinct levels (rooms). Each it’s own experience and price tag.

☆Signature Dining – 10 Course Meal
This is the standard dining you will encounter should you nab a reservation. Here you will enjoy 10 courses of the finest food. Everything here is worth trying even if you wouldn’t normally, it’s the best you will find. Here’s a run down of all of the courses you can expect.

☆Imperial Caviar with Alaskan King Crab
☆New Zealand Langoustine
☆Glacier 51 Toothfish & Nantucket Scallops
☆Wild Turbot
☆Maple Glazed Manchester Quail
☆Texas Wild Boar
☆Miyazaki Japanese Beef
☆Cheese Selection with Gelato, Compote
☆Trintario Chocolate Mousse

The above is a world class experience in itself, but that’s just Room One, you may want to upgrade upgrade to Room Two.

☆The Dining Room/Queen Victoria’s Room
You’ll get a variation of the above courses except you will get added table side service including cocktails and champagne trolley, Butter and cheese carving. The dining room has only a small number of tables so you will be greatly spoiled for service.

If you are left standing having experienced these two, there is a third and final room.

☆Chef’s Table
Ok so if you’ve done the 10 course meal, done the dining rooms and STILL come back for more. Then this is the ultimate treat. All of the above except there is only one table and it’s in the kitchen with the chef! Who will serve you an exclusive menu for the evening with lots of extras, plenty of wine and lots of stories, information on the menu and more. It is a one of a kind experience and really is the Ultimate in dining at Walt Disney World

Ok, so now we are back outside this Wonderland of flavour. Which have you done? Which would you like to do? Let us know in the comments.

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