Toy Story Playland Origins

☆Toy Story Playland Origins☆

The very first incarnation of Toy Story Land opened in Walt Disney Studios Park at Disneyland Paris 10 years ago this month. It was built as an extension of Toon Town in the park and tied into the release if Toy Story 3.

The land features three rides, and one mechandise location. It has since spawned Toy Story Lands to be created in Hong Kong Disneyland,  Shanghai Disneyland and Hollywood Studios (WDW). The lands in Hong Kong and Shanghai mostly replicate the original while the land in Disney World has 3 unique rides, including Toy Story Mania which was adapted into the land

Anyone who follows us will know we are HUGE Toy Story fans, and if we are totally honest, we more excited for this Land announcement than Pandora or Galaxy’s Edge! (Even though those Lands are in a different realm of awesome).

Let us take you around the OG Toy Story Playland, if you plan on visiting DLP in the future, you MUST make this one of your stops.

All attractions in this land are built by the same company behind the Incredicoaster in Disneyland. Here you’ll find two high thrill ride and a very mild family ride, not really an inbetween option.

☆RC Racer
RC Racer looks like a giant Hot Wheels track. It’s a Half Pipe roller coaster  It uses a back and forth motion to reach the highest points before falling down abd heading up the other sides, at top speed it can launch to heights of nearly 80 ft, that’s 1.5 times the drop of Splash Mountain. It’s really alot of fun as you only ever face one direction so expect backward and forward motions. It’s almost feels free standing so there really isn t alot around you when you go up. This does bring with it, one advantage. Amazing views of the park around you. It comes with a 3ft 11 height restriction and although it does go high, there are no sudden drops, it is a prettt fluid motion throughout.

This ride can also be found in Hong Kong and Shanghai Disneyland, it’s a real shame America doesn’t have one. It’s our favourite of the three options in Toy Story Land.

☆Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop
Found in Paris and Hong Kong. If you like Tower of Terror and want a less thrilling experience and also remain outside, then this is your best bet. It is a sky drop/Para Tower. You tend to know if you are a sky drop person, this reaches heights of nearly 80 ft and as you are facing outwards this gives you an even better view of the park than RC.

☆Slinky Dog Zigzag Spin
Before Slinky Dog Dash, Slink had a caterpillar ride also in Paris, Hong Kong and Shanghai. Essentially if you have ridden s Dumbo ride or similar it has the same spinning motion.  It’s not overly fast and more than suitable for all age groups. Don’t expect a big thrill here. Great for families with younger kids wanting to level up from a basic boat ride.

As you enjoy the oversized Andy’s backyard with a giant Buzz and Rex as well as many giant elements you do feel small here. Probably why the two biggest rides hit the heights that they do. If you habe someone in your party who isn’t a big ride person Slinky Zigzag is the best bet plus you can check out some merch at the Playland Boutique. The only shame is that unlike Florida, meet and greets for Toy Story characters are in a seperate area to the land (Production Courtyard).

10 years and 4 parks later, Toy Story Land is still an iconic attraction and it’s cool that it is still adored in parks around the world.

Have you been to Toy Story Playland? Which lands around the world have you been to? Let us know in the comments.

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