How to Fly With Dumbo!

☆How to Fly With Dumbo!☆

☆Parks: All 6
☆Type: Ariel Carousel
☆Suitability: All Ages
☆Features: Rises and falls slowly with in vehicle lever

Magic Kingdom
☆Height Restrictions: None
☆Wait Times: 45min Av
☆Nearest ride: Goofys Barnstormer
☆Nearest food: Big Top Souvenirs (snacks)

Who doesn’t like the adorable Dumbo? He is renowned across the globe and it’s probably why he gets a ride in EVERY Disney theme park. A feat not many other rides share. And best of all the original, which opened in Disneyland celebrates 65 years this month!

It is a family favourite of ours, probably the first ride out then 18 month old rode with Dad. He still finds it hilarious when we pretend to be afraid as he takes us up high with that lever. In reality, we enjoy the breeze you get up there!

The ride is an aerial carousel replicated by the likes of the Astro Orbiter and Carpets of Aladdin but we like this one the best. Each vehicle is it’s own set of 16 Dumbo ride vehicles of the grey elephant with various coloured garments. In most parks Timothy mouse can be seen atop a hot air balloon holding Dumbo’s magic feather. Magic Kingdoms Timothy is unique as it rotates along with the vehicle.

Speaking of rotation did you know what Magic Kingdom’s Dumbo is different from all the others. Unless you’ve ridden the others you wouldn’t know…but it rotates in the opposite direction to all the others.

And for those who still don’t fancy the flight of this family friendly spin, can get a photo op in a stationary Dumbo vehicle by the ride in all parks accept Paris.

Did you know that the original ride in Disneyland was due to have controllable flapping ears but they couldn’t figure out the mechanics so they were made stationary!

The ride in MK was the last to get the water feature added (with night lights) following it’s relocation to New Fantasyland/Storybook Circus in 2012. What you see here is actually two Dumbo rides. The original and the new, spinning in opposite directions.

The great innovation at MK is the line system. We all know Disney knows how to work lines. And here kids can get out the sun and pass the stand by wait time by playing in the indoor play areas, with a pager for when the ride is ready.

We love all the rides but with it’s dual rides respecting old and new, in line play area, the Magic Kingdom version is our favourite. Oh and a final tidbit is Big Top Souvenirs opposite filled with tasty treats and merch!

Do you love this ride too? Which park have your ridden Dumbo? Let us know in the comments. 

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