Cast Interview: @kelliefromthekingdom

☆Cast Interview: @kelliefromthekingdom☆

Welcome folks to another exciting Cast Member interview. If you walked down Main Street this past couple of years and had you photo taken there’s a very good chance you would have bumped into our guest. Today we are talking with @kelliefromthekingdom who is a Photopass Photographer at Disney World! Now we don’t know about you but standing infront of the castle all day taking pictures sounds like the most amazing job ever! Let’s jump right in and get Kellie’s thoughts!

COME: Kellie thank you so much for joining us. We get real excited for these things and we can’t wait to hear your stories. When did you start working for disney?

KELLIE: I started working for Disney back in January 2018.

COME: Cool, What was the application process like?

KELLIE: thought it was easy, you just apply online. There are three steps: an application, a web interview and then a phone interview. If you pass all three of those steps then you will begin the hiring process.

COME: You must be very talented for them to choose you. Where were you assigned and what kind of training did you go through?

KELLIE: Photopass at Magic Kingdom! For my role you need to have some background on how to take photos. For training we have a few classroom days and then we practice on eachother a few more days before we are trained to shoot with guests.

COME: Did you stay in one place or were you able to work in other resorts?

KELLIE: Photopass photographers can work anywhere they can pick up, however I loved working Magic Kingdom so much I never wanted to work anywhere else.

COME: That’s a really interesting insight, we always figured you got your spot and there you had to stay, although we wouldn’t give up your spot either. What is your favourite scene to photograph?

KELLIE: My favorite place to take photos of guests is either on the hub grass or within the details of Mainstreet! I always love when guests ask me to do something unique for them! It allows me to be creative on the job and is a nice change!

COME: I bet, our favourite pic ever was when the photographer grabbed the balloon lady and our niece got a pic with them. You guys sure know how to even make a photo magic!

What were the best parts of the role and are there any bad parts (is that possible?)

KELLIE: I love being able to incorporate my love of photography with my love of Disney! I also love the variety I get throughout the day and the magic I can make for guests! I really can’t think of anything that bad but if I had to choose something probably standing outside for an amount of time on a hot day.

COME: That’s a fair point. Please tell us do you have any funny stories to tell?

KELLIE: Yes, so many! One of my favorite memories is when I was working in Pixie Hollow with Tinkerbell and this cute little boy ran through the doors smiling and laughing and I thought to myself “aww he must be so excited to meet Tink”! Much to my surprise he ran right past Tinkerbell and over to me giving me the biggest hug. Everyone in the room started laughing and it really melted my heart. It was so funny and sweet.

COME: OMG that’s adorable. You really do have the best job. Did you ever get to meet somebody famous?

KELLIE: Joey Fatone [NSYNC] bought me a drink after work one time!

COME: Wow, that’s a cool perk, what other kind of perks do cast members get?

KELLIE: We get discounts, a maingate pass, friends and family passes and access to cast connections to name a few.

COME: What backstage tidbits can you tell us?

KELLIE: I’m not too sure how to answer this but I think I will just say that Cast Members really do work so hard every day to make sure guests have a great experience and so much goes unseen. Make sure next time you visit you are nice to them.

COME: Absolutley, cast members deserve our total respect, and don’t worry we wouldn’t fish too deep into Disney’s secrets, all part of the magic right?
If you could have worked elsewhere at Disney where would you choose?

KELLIE: Magic Kingdom Photopass was my top choice but I think other roles that would be fun would be a Safari Driver, Jungle Cruise Skipper or something within Resort Management.

COME: We think you’d make a great manager! So what were management like?

KELLIE: My management was super helpful and friendly. I always felt like I could talk to them if I ever needed something on the job or if there was an issue with anything.

COME: We are sure Disney are amazing but what could Disney improve for cast members?

KELLIE: I think Disney could improve some of the breakrooms. I was in entertainment so some of my breakrooms were different from the ones most MK CM’s used but I think they should update them all.

COME: You’re really only just getting started at Disney but what do you remember most from your time at Disney?

KELLIE: It sounds cheesy but the magic. Disney really is a special place. Even while I was doing a job there I felt like my days were the best days. I have met so many of my best friends through working for Disney. They people there truly make the magic.

COME: This has been a highly talked about point but how do you feel about Disney’s reopening and the precautions they’ve taken?

KELLIE: I think Disney is doing the best that they can. I have gone to Springs a few times during all this and I feel very safe. There are people walking around making sure you wear your mask, social distancing markers and hand sanitizer everywhere.

COME: Everything we have heard so far has been positive so it’s really reassuring to here. Well Kellie this has been a whole lot of fun, now before we go, what advice would you give to others in pursuing a Disney career?

KELLIE: Go for it! I promise you will not regret it and even if it doesn’t work out your first time keep trying.

COME: Solid advice. Thank you again to Kellie for this fantastic interview. We still say being a Disney Cast Member has to be the best job on earth. If you want to hear and see more of Kellie’s Disney adventures she has an amazing account with super cute pictures on IG

Follow: @kelliefromthekingdom
Follow: @kelliefromthekingdom
Follow: @kelliefromthekingdom

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