Two New Loungefly Collections Out Now

☆Two New Loungefly Collections Out Now☆ has long been known for hit after hit with their collections. But they have just dropped TWO collections we absolutley love!!!

☆Goofy Cosplay
Mini Backpack($75)
Flap Wallet($40)

☆Monsters Inc
Sully Mini Backpack WITH BOO COIN PURSE($75)
Mike Scare can Mini Backpack($75)
Mike and Sully Accodion Card Holder ($40)

The Goofy launch has been news we’ve eagerly awaited. The set is gorgeous. We especially love the interior blue/Goofy text pattern.

And how cool is the Monsters Inc set. The Boo coin purse as a neat little add on, for the same regular bag price. A nice way to give back to the fans who will buy this in droves. We also think Loungefly have been very smart using the Scare Can to fill up spare space on the Mike Backpack.

Grab yours NOW at, you’ll fill a scream can if you miss out.

Tag someone you know who would love either of these!

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