Nightmare before Christmas in July at popinabox

☆Nightmare before Christmas in July at popinabox☆

In midst of Christmas in July. has dropped some spooky Halloween merch featuring your favourite characters from Nightmare Before Christmas. All available for pre order, here’s what you will find. (We love the advent calendar.)

☆Nightmare Before Christmas Collection☆
Advent Calendar (£49.99) Due October 2020 – 24 pop key chain size figures.

☆Pop Figures
☆Jack w/ Zero 10 Inch (£29.99) Out Aug 2020
☆Jack with Case Artist Series (£14.99) Out Sept
☆Mayor with Megaphone Figure With 1in6 Chase Vatiant (£9.99) Out Oct
☆Jack Scary Face (£9.99) Out Aug
☆Sally Sewing (£9.99) Out Oct

☆Strategy Game 4 Pack (£39.99) Out May 2021

Which will you be getting, comment below and tag someone who like Nightmare Before Christmas? If it’s the advent Calendar, get it quick. It WILL sell out!

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