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Today we are joined by @dizhiz65 they run the Disney History Podcast. It’s super fun and you will find lots of discussion and in-depth knowledge about all areas of Disney including Movies, Parks and more. Details on how to find the podcast at the end of the interview. Let’s not hang about and dive right in, this is a great read folks so get comfy!

COME: Thank you so much for joining us, we can’t wait to pick your Disney brains. First of all, what made you do a podcast and how long has it been running now?

DIZ:I’m a teacher so I wanted to start a fun project during the summer. My family is a Disney family and I wanted to do something creative but also involve my family. Now I get to do to Disney, which I was doing all the time, but now it is also to research for the show. We have been doing the show for 1 year. We are 58 episodes in.

COME: Fantastic, so how did the 3 of you come together, and who is in charge of what behind the scenes?

DIZ: Alex is my brother-in-law and lives right around the corner from me and Adam has been a friend since high school. We all love Disney. Adam and I were in TV production together in high school and in the same production company. We all have our jobs behind the mic. Adam works on the editing; Alex does the history and I do a lot of the promoting and reaching out to people on social media. I also help sometimes with the editing and I do the virtual spotlights which are a lot of fun.

COME: Who came up with the concept?

DIZ: We all worked together on the format of the show. We wanted to do something a little different. When listening to Disney podcasts I always enjoyed when the shows talked about the history and I always wanted more. We have one topic and we stick to it and talk about the history and our memories of that one topic. No other show that I know of does that.

COME: We love delving into history too. Gives a greater appreciation of what we have now and how it got here. Now Disney is a very broad topic. How do you decide what to talk about each episode?

DIZ: We come together and talk about what our topics will be and also ask our Goof Troop members, our supporters, if they have any recommendations. We also have a YouTube channel where we try to spread Disney Magic. I interview someone and they talk about their favorite Disney rides and Disney memories. It is a blast and I’m happy we spread some positive in this world.

COME: Absolutely and talking Disney is like printing happiness. With your interviews, do you have a favourite and who would you like on in the future?

DIZ: I don’t have a favorite 😊 they are all special in their own way. I would love to get Tim Tracker on our show. My family has been watching him for years and it would be great to have him on the show.

COME: We adore @thetimtracker and @thejenntracker too. We’d love to interview them too. They live our dream life!

COME: What are your favourite topics to talk about on the show?

DIZ: I love talking about memories at Disney. Disney memories are magical and when listening to other people share their memories you can see when they are talking about it that it takes them back to that moment. It is special and you can feel the magic.

COME: Disney is an experience you never forget for sure. With the Podcast doing so well, what are your visions for the podcast in the future?

DIZ: I would like to be a Disney influencer.

COME: You’re definitley on the right track, you’ll get there, we are sure.

Outside of the Podcast, what is each your specialist Disney subject, and which movies inspired you the most?

DIZ: Talking about the Disney parks. I have been there so many times and I love talking about them and sharing some of the new things coming to the parks with others.

Moana and Toy Story

COME: What are your earliest Disney memories?

DIZ: Going to Disney when I was younger with my grandparents and mom. I grew up in NY and we took two trips. Those trips were magical.

COME: For sure. What’s your favourite attraction nowadays? And when was the last time you got to the parks?

DIZ: It changes all the time. Right now my favorites are Rise of the Resistance, Slinky Dog and Space Mountain.

Sadly March because of Covid. I went to a special DVC event. I rode Minetrain 3 times, Big Thunder 3 times and Space Mountain once. It was one of the best times I have ever had at Magic Kingdom.

COME: Disney sure knows how to put on special events, I bet they make great podcast episodes! How about upcoming rides, what are you looking forward to?

DIZ: I am looking forward to Guardians of the Galaxy Mission Rewind.

COME: Us too, feels like construction has been going on forever now.

Finally, as Disney historians, which former attraction do you miss the most?

DIZ: Not sure if this counts as an attraction but I miss the Osborne Lights. That was a family tradition we did for years and when they announced they were going to take that away we were heartbroken.

COME: We were just discussing it this week, did a mini feature on it. Yeah we loved it too, year after years it was sensational. The parks all have their own Christmas events now but this was just incredible, we miss it too.

Well, this has been alot of fun. Thank you so much again for doing this. Your podcast is genuinley very, very good. We highly reccomend folks subscribe. Where can people find you on social media and online? And where can they listen to your podcast?

DIZ: You can listen to the Diz Hiz Podcast on any podcast platform, just search Diz Hiz or Diz Hiz 65. We are also streamed on Sorcerer Radio on Fridays at 1 and at 8.

Website: https://www.dizhiz.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DizHiz65/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dizhiz65/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/dizhiz65

Please help us out by subscribing and leaving us a review!

COME: For sure folks, this is definitley worth your time checking out. And be sure to follow on IG @dizhiz65 for all the latest episode info!

Thank you all again for checking in for another great interview. We have another coming up very soon, with a Disney Cast Member! Make sure to follow us for when it goes live.

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📸 @dizhiz65

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