7 Ways Cinderella Left A Legacy

☆7 Ways Cinderella Left A Legacy☆

70 years have gone by since Cinderella lost that glass slipper. She has left an unparalleled mark on Disney ever since. Let’s look at just 7 ways (1 for each decade) She has done so.

☆Turning Point For Walt Disney Animation
Following Snow White Disney were struggling to strike gold again, running into heavy debt Cinderella was the carriage to the future they had been waiting for, leading to a string of hits to follow.

☆This is How You Draw a Princess.
The character model for Cinderella woulf be used again 9 years later for another iconic Princess…Sleeping Beauty

☆Center of the Magic Kingdom
Cinderella may have missed out to Sleeping Beauty, who’s castle appeared at Walt Disneys first park Disneyland. But she got her shot at Walt Disney World, the grandest resort of all. Used as the center of the park, center for the fireworks and projections. Also features a character dining restaurant, A Princess boutique and the most exclusive Disney suite in the world.

☆A Second Castle
Cinderella boasts two Disney Castles. Only Sleeping Beauty has more. Tokyo Disneyland opted for a slightly smaller version of the original. For a time it even featured a walk through mystery tour.

☆Celebratory Changes
Disney World does change things up from time to time. It’s biggest changes include 2005 when it was covered in banners to celebrate the parks 50th anniversary while also getting a Snow White-esque mirror. Stitch took over for a day in 2004, covering the castle in toilet paper in preparation for his own ride in Disney World. The newest change came in 2020 when the grey of the castle was, for the first time  changed to pink. The castles most iconic change came in 1996 when it was made into a giant birthday cake for Disney World’s 25th anniversary. Covered in  pink paint, inflatable icing, candy and more. Oh how we miss this version.

☆The Disney Brand
As iconic as Mickey himself you will find Cinderella Castle on many Disney logos including it’s film studios and park merchandise.

☆Live action lead.
She was the first lead character from a classic animation to get the Live Action treatment, spawning a flurry of other Disney classics to follow suit.

What’s your favourite gift Cinderella has given us? Let us know in the comments.

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