How to have the perfect Lion King Vacation

☆How to have the perfect Lion King Vacation☆

If you are a massive Lion King fan, you’re in luck. Disney World has everything you need to have an all immersive vacation. This guide will show you where to stay, eat and play so there’s no worries. Now if you are an all round animal lover, you can’t go wrong with Animal Kingdom Park and the lodges. This guide is very specifically for Lion King features at Disney World. You might call it our problem free, philosophy. Hakuna Matata, let’s go!

*Some of the bellow attractions are closed right now, but be sure to save this post for the future when everything is up and running again.

So first step to a Lion King trip is where to stay. You would be forgiven for heading to Animal Kingdom lodge but we have something even more tailor made for you. Art of Animation! There is a whole wing dedicated to The Lion King. You will find large models of the likes of Pride Rock, Mufasa, Scar and Rafiki. There is even an elephant graveyard play area for the kids. You’ll also find art work dotted around the resort. For eating in resort you can head to Landscape of Flavours food court. Food is good but not specifically themed except for the Simba waffles at breakfast. Once you’ve explored head to your family suite decked out to make you feel like you’re in the pride lands. So, ready to find more? Head to the bus stop and meet us at Animal Kingdom.

When it reopens head over to Festival of The Lion King Theatre in Africa for our favourite show in Disney World. Here you will see a musical/acrobatic extravaganza. Tumbling monkeys, fire dancing, high flying human birds plus tons of fun with a host of characters. Timon is your host but look our for Pumba and Simba also. There is crowd participation and your kiddos may get selected for a dance around the stage with the characters. This is amazing guys, catch it when you can.

☆Scavenger Hunt
If you now what a fun activity for the kids you can go to the counter of any Africa store and ask for a scavenger map. These may or may not still be available but can be found online to print before you go just in case. Dotted around Africa are models of your favourite Lion King characters, mark them on the map as you find them. We got a cool Lion King wooden magnet. It was loads of fun.
If you’re feeling peckish, let us guide you to some fun Lion King snacks. You can find candy bags in the stores with some jelly grubs and spiders but there are way better snacks so hold back the candy.

Tamu Tamu features the Simba Sunset. A pineapple Dole Whip with watermelon, strawberry and coconut flavoured syrup. Also keep an eye out here for Simba’s ice cream sandwich, it’s pretty good.

Joffrey’s – You may or may not know that Joffrey’s offer character art on your hot drink, ask what Lion King designs they have available right now.

Head out of Africa to Anandapur Ice Cream to get a Bug n Grub Ice Cream cone. You’ll get a bright green cone with chocolate soft serve, chocolate dirt shavings and gummy worms to top.

Ready to see some stars of the film? Right now Timon and Rafiki can be found on river cruises around Discovery River. Normally they would be up at Rafiki’s planet watch where fun and education about the planet are combined.

For the real deal, head to Kilamanjaro Safaris. You’ll find plenty of savana animals. Zebra, Giraffe, Antelope, Elephants and more. Your driver will especially point out the Worthogs and Lions. Be sure to head back at dusk to see alot more movement as this is when many of the animals move around the most. We haven’t forgotten Timon and pals. Head to the Gorilla Falls walking tour to see if you can spot some meerkats.

☆Tree of Life
Before you head out watch the lights on Tree of Life for some of your favourite Lion King characters.

End your day at Jiko at Animal Kingdom Lodge. They sometimes have a special Lion King menu, inspired by the films locations Otherwise the food is really, really good. And there is an all kids can eat ice cream station with a ton of gummy grubs to go around.

EVERYWHERE around Animal Kingdom and Lodges.

Now, if you have a day like this (trust us we’ve done it). You will not be dissapointed. What do you think to our rundown? Did we miss anything? Which of the above have you done and enjoyed the most? Let us know in the comments and remember to SAVE for when more of the above is back open.

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