The Lion King (2019) A Year Old Today

☆The Lion King (2019) A Year Old Today☆

Today Timon is celebrating a year of the Live Action Lion King. Although he thinks it should have been renamed The Meerkat King and there should be Oscars for Meerkats! (Top tip, if you are in Animal Kingdom, keep an eye out for Timon on the river cruises around Discovery River, with his pal Rafiki.

Us for us. We love both, the original is King of course. The remake was a very good copy of the first, but that was it’s problem. It was almost a copy scene for scene. And so it didn’t feel new, not alot of new story elements. At least the likes of Aladdin and Jungle Book were a bit different. Here’s 5 things we liked about the remake and 4 we didn’t. (Overall we did really enjoy it.

☆Liked – Music
The music was fantastic, great recreations and Beyonce’s number felt very natural in it’s spot. We also loved Elton’s return in the credits.

Liked – Mufasa
Having James Earl Jones return was a smart move, nobody can hold his iconic tone.

Disliked – Scar
Blended into the background visually. Nothing stood him out as a conniving villain this time.

Liked – Hakuna Matata
We thought this was a humorous spin on the original.

Disliked – So close to the other live actions.
Releasing Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast and Lion King on top of each other was dissapointing. These huge movies should have been alot more spread out, with other remakes inbetween

Liked – Visuals
No denying the CGI on this film was stunning.

Liked – True to the original
We did enjoy seeing the source material truly replicated.

Disliked – While the above is true we also would have liked to see how they might have changed the film up.

How does the new compare to the old for you? Let us know in the comments.

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