Who Are Castle of Mouse Explorers?

We are Disney Fanatics, with 25+ years of vacations to Disney Parks. Having stayed in pretty much every resort, eaten at EVERY Disney restaurant and rode every attraction during our visits. We have visited Disney as kids, a couple and a family, so we really have an incredible knowledge of all Disney Parks have to offer past and present.

We own and have watched every Disney film there is. Never tripped up when it comes to bit of Disney trivia.

We are avid collectors of Disney merchandise and could fill a Disney Store with what we have acquired over the years. We’ve seen trends come and go and are always ontop of the latest deals and collections.

Above all else we are a Disney Family  through and through. We are…

☆Andy – Senior Explorer – Often found on a boat on Seven Sees Lagoon, otherwise eating.

☆Nat – Captain of the Ship – Always found in a Disney Shop, especially the christmas ones.

☆James – Master of Mischief – Last seen riding Slinky Dog Dash over and over, probably still there! Otherwise hanging with Peter Pan.

Our job in this wonderful Disney community is to share our knowledge, take you on our trips with us, share the thousands of pictures we take.

We especially enjoy getting promoting Disney talent Artists, creators etc…Nat herself was a former Disney artist. We use our IG and website as a platform to give others a chance to shine.

Andy is the behind the scenes guy and reguarly interviews talented, individuals and cast members to go behind the scenes of Disney.

Plus coming soon we are launching our own merchandise line…all in aid of charity. Profits from any sales will go directly to a children’s charity, to be announced soon.

So that is us, the family behind the Castle of Mouse Explorers Brand. We are here to whistle while we work, just keeping swimming and explore the Castle of Mouse…to infinity and beyond!

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