3 Disney Attractions Added To The Former Attractions List

☆3 Disney Attractions Added To The Former Attractions List☆

Spectrum News 13 announced today the 3 attractions are closed for good. Two aren’t surprising as they are never open anyway and one is a surprise. However whenever something closes you figure they must have something in mind to take it’s place. Except right now that seems a long way off. Several Disney projects including Spaceship Earth Refurb, Marry Poppins and Ratatouille attractions are no longer “coming soon”. Disney will be seeking to recoup revenue from closures and focusing on just the most anticipated new arrivals. Back to the closures, let’s take a look at what they are.

☆Stitch’s Great Escape
No surprise here, it had seasonal opening aka never and is now a Stitch meet and greet using the old line area. It is a shame as we did enjoy this walk through/show ride.

☆Primeval Whirl
Another that was never open. We won’t miss this one. It always felt clunky and wasn’t the most enjoyable experience.

☆Rivers of Light
This one is a surprise. We know fire works/out door shows are closed right now, but didn’t expect this to get the chop. It was still relatively new and we really enjoyed the show. It became the highlight once Animal Kingdom stayed open later. Maybe they’ve got another show in the wings, but again it may be a while before it’s launched.

Which of these will you miss the most? Let us know in the comments.

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One Comment

  1. Amy Aajee

    We’ve never experienced any of these, but I’m sorry Rivers of Light will be leaving. On the other hand, the Main Electrical Parade supposedly was gone from Disneyland forever, but it’s been back multiple times since then. We can always hope!


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