This Is What Splash Mountain Merch Goes For On Ebay

☆This Is What Splash Mountain Merch Goes For On Ebay☆

☆Let us start by saying we are against this practice!☆

You may have seen online pictures and videos of people leaving the Splash Mountain store in Magic Kingdom with bags full of merch. We even read of lines up to 4 hours just to get in!

Well we have no doubt what these same people are doing with their purchase as large quantities of merch has appeared on Ebay at crazy prices!

Now this isn’t a knock on Ebay, we have bought items in the past to complete our collections many times. But never in bulk.

Disney World really should have anticipated this, we did! They need to assign quantity limits per customer, perhaps per party. It would be easier now more than ever as people are lining up to get in. Give them a card to take to the counter then that entitles them to one item, or one of each type of item. It’s a simple system to put in place and would allow actual fans and collectors to get their hands on some of this stuff. Perhaps even releasing a set quantity at the beginning of the day or at intervals throughout the day would help

What do you think about this? Let us know ij the comments.

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  1. Amy Aajee

    Yes, I think Disney should have anticipated this, but they have a few other things to think about right now. I’ve had some negative experiences with Ebay anyway (not the sellers, Ebay itself) so I don’t use them anymore.


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