Shop Disney Has Gone Neon

☆Shop Disney Has Gone Neon☆

We spotted two cool new collections at @shopdisneyuk Hoodies and Bags coloured in bright yellows and blues. There’s some really cool items here so let’s take a look…

☆Mickey Mouse Neon Festival For Adults☆

☆Reversible Bucket Hat (£12.95)
☆Water Bottle (£14)
☆Crossbody Bag (£14.95)
☆Sweatshirt (£30)
We really like this collection, the bag and sports bottle are super cool. We love the soda can style if the bottle. Unfortunately our years of wearing bucket hats have passed, but it does look good.

If that wasn’t enough neon for you…there’s more.

☆Disneyland Resort Mickey Mouse Neon Summer Collection☆

☆Loungefly Mini Backpack (£60)
☆Spirit Jersey (£50)
☆Hooded Sweatshirt Adults (£32)

This is our favourite of the sets where Disneyland comes to the UK! We sweatshirts are really cool, we can imagine ourselves wearing these to Disneyland…in cooler seasons that is. But the gem of this set is the Loungefly Backpack. We love do love our Loungefly creations. This seems the perfect item for a day at the water parks!

Head over to today to grab one of your own. Which is your favourite piece? Let us know in the comments.

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