Disney Legends Series – Mary Blair

☆Disney Legends Series – Mary Blair☆

We are back with our weekly Legends Series and today we are back with a lady who is an icon at Disney. Mary Blair was one of Disneys all time great icons. Her works has transcended some of Disney’s biggest festure films and is highly featured in Disney Parks. Here we are going to touch on the most iconic Mary Blair creations from parks and film…We begin with…

☆Parks – It’s a Small World.

In our opinion this is the greatest of Mary’s creations. She was tasked by Walt Disney himself to create the art and colouring of the ride aesthetics and characters. Alot of her colour palettes were ground breaking at the time and is now much replicated but ground breaking for her time. Can you imagine having to give every character and every country it’s own identity? An immense success.

☆Movies – Early Disney

Mary’s work goes back as far as Dumbo and early Lady and the Tramp designs. She also personally accompanied Walt to South America during the war and was an art supervisor for The Three Caballeros and Saludos Amigos.

☆Resorts – Contemporary Resort (Disney World)

Remember that giant wall with the massive 90ft painting? Want a guess who did it? Mary of course. You can clearly link the style to Small World, it is an artistic masterpiece filled with tons of tiny details. See if you can spot the 3 legged blue goat!

☆Movies – Alice, Peter and more.

If you’ve ever seen the likes of Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan and Cinderella you can thank Mary for the colour styling of those films. Alice stands out for us most as it’s q cavalcade if colour, all Mary’s vision. Whoelse could have designed a purple and pink cat?

Mary would spend much of her artistic career at Disney supervising a range of big and smaller projects, she is also one of few legends who worked directly alongside Walt himself. Her vivid colours and artistic style have inspired Disney artists to this day. And her work is imortalised in It’s a Small World locations around the world, quite possibly her greatest creations.

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