What We Love and Miss Most From Magic Kingdom

☆What We Love and Miss Most From Magic Kingdom☆

Disney World finally opened it’s gates today. And while it is welcome escape for many, an opening too soon for some. It’s undeniable the Disney World is a symbol to the world that it is finally ready to start spreading happiness and magic again. Yet, it’s not the Disney World we left some months ago. Much has changed, much is not as it was. Here we take a look at the top things we love and the top things we miss about Disney World in Summer 2020.

☆Miss – Character Greetings
If the rides are what the adults go for, then meeting characters is everything to the kids. There won’t be opportunities to get up close with Mickey or make a wish with Tinkerbell. But they won’t be gone all together.

☆Love – Cavalcades
Characters will still be seen in the parks but on cavalcades. Like parades they will be traveling along parade routes. You won’t see the usual dancers accompanying but you can still wave at your favourite characters.

☆Miss – Parades
There is nothing like a Disney party on mainstreet. We love the parades we love the dance parties where you can dance with cast members and characters on the street. Even the rush to get a good spot on the curb was kind of thrilling.

Love – More Space
With crowds not gathering for things like parades and fireworks Main Street will be alot clearer, there’ll be more room to move around without having to squeeze around people, especially parade watchers. And with reduced capacity you will unlikely have as much freedom of movement in July again.

Miss – Fireworks
With early nights come a lack of lights. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen Tink fly from the castle. Sure it can be a squeeze to get your spot, but the show is worth it no matter how many times you see it.

Love – Shorts wait times. With less people in the park come shorter lines and wait times. Everybody has the same stand by line. It means everyone gets a fair shot at the rides and social distancing can be enforced to keep everyone safe.

Miss – Walk Ups. Gone for now are the times of walk up’s to restaurants,or walking up to a ride with a Fastpass. Our vacations revolve around reserving tables and fast passes but every now and again it’s fun to just find a free table ay a restaurant or spot a free slot for your favourite ride.

Love – Merch. We LOVE Disney merch. (No you won’t see us emptying stores with bags full 😉) . But we do love the unique array you can only get in the parks. Especially the 2020 merch which will have a greater significance to us all.
Miss – Pin Trading
Yes you can still buy pins and you may find some boards, but you’ll have to wait a while before spotting a cast member with that hidden Mickey pin you are after.

Love – Above all else, we Love Disney World and have missed it badly. Disney in any form is better than no Disney. Just to see Main Street again. Just to see the castle again. We can wait to hug Mickey again, watching him roll down Main Street is more than enough for us.

What do you Love or Miss most about Disney World right now? Let us know in the comments.

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